Tron Carves Out A Space In The Metaverse, Building An Ecological Complex In Cryptovoxels

Tron Carves Out A Space In The Metaverse, Building An Ecological Complex In Cryptovoxels

Justin Sun’s Tron has made its mark on the metaverse, creating what it says is the first-ever ecological complex in the space, made up of its headquarters, convention club and digital art museum.

The Tron Complex was built in the Cryptovoxels virtual world in partnership with the digital real estate platform provider MetaEstate. Crypotvoxels is an Ethereum-powered metaverse that allows users to buy land and build stores and art galleries using cryptocurrency.

Tron worked with MetaEstate’s digital architects to recreate a carbon copy of its physical, real-world complex that’s based on the east coast of Miami, within the metaverse. The Cryptovoxels’ Tron complex encompasses four buildings, including the Tron Headquarters and BT Convention Club that exist in real life, plus the digital APENFT Digital Art Museum, as well as the SUN Temple, which is located on the opposite side of the landscape.

The three-story Tron Headquarters building serves as the Tron Foundation’s physical office space, and is distinguished by its large outdoor terraces. It also hosts several meeting rooms and an atrium, as well as a conceptual art museum.

Within the BT Convention Club there is a large conference hall and reception area, while the second floor is home to large open office and theater-style display spaces that host regular crypto-themed meetings and conferences.

The real star of the show though, and a perfect fit for the Cryptovoxels metaverse, is Tron’s APENFT Digital Art Museum, which only exists in the virtual world. The APENFT Foundation exists to showcase the work of some of the crypto world’s most prominent digital artists. It’s currently displaying creations from the winners of its recent “Second Life” public contest, which invited artists to imagine a high-tech, highly connected future metaverse with a deeply human touch.

APENFT has two floors, with the first level encompassing a reception area, an artwork display area and an open concert hall. The displays on the first floor are flexible and can be customized for various different types of exhibitions. As for the second floor, this contains both indoor and outdoor exhibition halls for early-stage artists, as well as a painting atrium that’s meant to symbolize Tron’s unique ability to onboard new digital artists and their creations.

The APENFT Foundation is one of the most influential players in an emerging NFT space that many believe will grow to become a multi-trillion dollar market with the presence of social media giant Facebook and others. With the expectation of such massive growth in the still-nascent metaverse, Tron’s move to make its presence felt is one that’s likely to be repeated with growing regularity in the coming weeks and months.


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