SkyLaunch Is Offering A Multichain IDO Platform With Pre And Post IDO Support

SkyLaunch Is Offering A Multichain IDO Platform With Pre And Post IDO Support

Decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, is revolutionizing the finance industry by shifting focus away from traditional banking methods and ushering in a new era in the financial space through blockchain technology. DeFi has grown significantly since the release of the Ethereum blockchain in 2014.

With the advent of DeFi, a new decentralized funding model is known as an IDO, which was an improvement on ICOs, which were notorious for stealing investors’ funds in the early days of DeFi. Blockchain projects in an IDO seek funding from individual investors rather than the traditional funding method from Venture Capitalists before launching their project.

IDOs were introduced as a much better fundraising method in the blockchain space. The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is a self-organized, completely decentralized model for raising funds for blockchain projects. This article will look at Skylaunch, a recently launched multichain IDO platform, and how it aims to improve the current state of IDOs.

A Deep Dive Into SkyLaunch

The current IDO launchpad platforms are primarily concerned with raising capital for projects listed on their platform, and they do not assist with these projects following a successful IDO. With the influx of daily projects, most next-generation blockchain startups require some guidance and assistance in navigating the blockchain space to become successful or even achieve unicorn status. SkyLaunch intends to move away from the traditional model of IDO launchpads as solely a fundraising model to become more comprehensive by providing all necessary support, tools, and resources Pre IDO and Post IDO for projects listed on its platform.

SkyLaunch’s mode of operation is more akin to an IDO accelerator, as it was designed to ensure that projects are successful in the long run after completing their IDO round. SkyLaunch is a multi-chain launchpad platform built on the foundation of multiple EVM compatible chains. SkyLaunch’s initial launch would be on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.

SkyLaunch provides projects on its platform with a lot of help before IDO, including assistance with product development, information security, law, finance, project marketing, and covering all of the necessary elements to become a successful blockchain startup.

SkyLaunch would also establish a governance council for due diligence purposes and to thoroughly vet projects that would be listed on its platform. The Governance Council would be made up of independent blockchain experts who would protect investors from destructive projects and act as an extra line of defense.

Following a successful IDO, SkyLaunch grants projects on its platform access to its extensive alliance network, including various crypto partners. With the help of SkyLaunch, projects listed on the platform can gain access to opportunities such as exchange listing, market-making services, security protocols, treasury management, liquidity provision, and secondary OTC swaps. Smart locks and OTC swaps are two essential tools available to SkyLaunch investors. Smart Lock provides secure vesting of team tokens and deep liquidity, preventing the typical pump and dumps in the crypto space.

Furthermore, SkyLaunch implements a transparent on-chain score mining algorithm for fairer token allocations and rewards investors. Another tool, known as the auto-pilot feature, was also implemented to ensure investors do not miss out on exciting projects.

Next Stop For IDO Launchpads?

IDO launchpads are essential components of the DeFi industry, intending to fund the next generation of blockchain decentralized projects. SkyLaunch takes it a step further by supporting IDO projects, both pre and post-IDO, making the path to success much easier for new-age blockchain startups.


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