This User Mistakenly Transferred $3.6 Million to ConstitutionDAO, Here’s What Happened

This User Mistakenly Transferred $3.6 Million to ConstitutionDAO, Here’s What Happened

The decentralized organization, ConstitutionDAO remains in news despite its announcement of the platform’s closure. In a latest update, it was revealed that a user recently reached out to ConstitutionDAO via Discord, seeking refund of approximately $3.6 million from the platform.

According to the Chinese Journalist, Colin Wu’s latest tweet, this investor was mentioned under the name, “undo.eth” and had mistakenly transferred about 39 million in ConstitutionDAO’s native token, People, which amounts to roughly $3.6 million, to the platform’s contract address because of an operational errors. However, now undo.eth is hoping to undo the error and has appealed to the ConstitutionDAO developer to retrieve the amount.

A user named "undo.eth" asked for help on Discord of ConstitutionDAO. He mistakenly transferred about 39 million People (About 3.6 million US dollars) to the ConstitutionDAO contract address due to operational errors, and hopes that the ConstitutionDAO developer can retrieve them— Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) November 28, 2021

ConstitutionDAO Platform Closure or a Blessing in Disguise?

Last week, ConstitutionDAO announced its closure amid lack of a future “unifying mission”, and loss in its previous escapade. ConstitutionDAO’s core group tweeted after a short pause since it lost the bet to buy a copy of the US constitution. They declared closure given absence of an “unifying mission” as driving as trying to buy the copy of the Constitution. Furthermore, a new project which would involve setting up more official governance and redirection all together. The group asserted that the platform’s core team is incapable of pulling off an entirely new project as of now, given that the building and maintaining of an ongoing project requires a proper technical and administrative oversight. ConstitutionDAO hence put a stamp to the end of its journey, noting that the platform and project, both have “run its course.” However, they applauded the community’s efforts and asserted that ConstitutionDAO has proved the unity of the decentralized sphere, levying the project as “a landmark event”.

“This project was a landmark event. We made history and showed the entire world that a group of internet friends can use the power of web3 to face a seemingly insurmountable goal and achieve incredible results on an impossible timeline”, the group noted in its Twitter thread.

Nevertheless, since the closure announcement ConsititionDAO has become even more popular. Following the platform’s final word, its native token, People, shot through the roof. From the price of $0.004, at the time of closure, ConstitutionDAO’s People surged up to an ATH of $0.16 this weekend, and despite correction, it is still maintaining at a strong $0.1, at the time of reporting.


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