Ethereum Drops Under $4,000 First Time Since October

Ethereum Drops Under $4,000 First Time Since October

Ethereum has briefly fallen below one of the strongest supports, according to cryptocurrency market analysts. As of now, the second-largest cryptocurrency has recovered back above $4,000, but the market might not be ready to V-shape recovery yet.

Liquidation rates on the cryptocurrency market for Ethereum have reached $60 million in the last few hours. According to data from various centralized exchanges, a significant number of leveraged orders for Ethereum have been gathered at or close to the $4,000 support.

Previously, Ethereum was testing the area close to the $4,000 mark numerous times but failed to go through it and remain under it. As for now, Ethereum is trading at $4,053 with a total 10% daily loss.

U.Today previously reported that Bloomberg analysts see Ethereum trade in the rangebound for a long period of time after the ATH retrace. The lower border of the range was $4,000 and the upper $5,000.

Other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Cardano or Doge are losing 7% of their value, which is slightly less compared to Ethereum's 10% loss. According to data from TradingView, the cryptocurrency market mostly follows the stock market's path by rapidly losing value due to risks caused by the new pandemic measures.

According to exchange flows, traders are not yet rushing to sell all their assets, while strong inflows were present previously when Bitcoin was trading close to $60,000. Currently, the main selling pressure comes from retail traders and institutions, and crypto miners' wallet activity still remains at year lows.


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