South Park Makes Fun of Bitcoin In Most Recent Episode

South Park Makes Fun of Bitcoin In Most Recent Episode

The famous American animated sitcom South Park, in its most recent episode that takes place in the future, makes fun of Bitcoin as a payment service, calling it a "fly-by-night Ponzi scheme."

In the episode about the post-pandemic situation in the country that aired on Thursday, creators have decided to show the foreseeable future and the modern technologies evolving there.

In the episode, grown-up Stan Marsh, one of the main characters of the show, is paying for a stay in a small motel called Super 12 by using Bitcoin. The situation takes place 40 years from now. A cashier tells Stan that they only accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because the world has decided to drop rigged centralized banking.

But while some pro-blockchain watchers may have thought that creators are going to make fun of centralized financial structure and make crypto look good in the episode, the cashier then tells Stan that the community decided to use "fly-by-night Ponzi schemes," referring to other cryptocurrencies that are famous for being "rug pulled" overnight by their own creators.

The show is famous for its satirical nature and roasting strong social topics—which crypto is right now. While the overall market structure seems more friendly compared to 2017, some traders and investors are still at risk of running a scam or even a Ponzi scheme based on the blockchain.

Previously, commissions like the SEC stated that the cryptocurrency industry is still young and, while investing in it, individuals need to do deep research on the topic and hedge their positions in order not to become the victim of scammers.