IOTA's Shimmer Network Receive First Genesis NFT Collection

IOTA's Shimmer Network Receive First Genesis NFT Collection

After the introduction of the Shimmer network developers sandbox and its native SMR token on the IOTA blockchain, the first use case of the network appears as a Genesis NFT collection consisting of 11,111 non-fungible tokens.

The NFT collection will be available in limited amounts with various tiers that include Gold, Silver and Bronze. In addition to the rareness of each token, they will contain exclusive perks tied to the development of the whole ecosystem.

The functionality of tokens is designed to reward early adopters that provide growth to the ecosystem. Each NFT will become a tool for fueling the ecosystem's growth rate.

Earnings from the sale will be used to fund the development of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations inside the IOTA and Shimmer ecosystems, which will accelerate the growth and proper development of the two systems. The key actor in this scheme will be the IOTA community, which has been creating the perfect conditions for the rapid development and exponential growth of the ecosystem.

Staking rewards of the Shimmer staging network have not been unlocked yet, and they will not be until the Shimmer community decides to do so by community voting. In addition to the function itself, the community will have to decide the distribution scheme.

If the community votes on giving a 15% boost to Genesis Gold NFTs, staking rewards for Shimmer network supports will be increased by 15%. By owning one Gold NFT, you will receive an individual reward increase of 30%.


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