Dogecoin Creator Address "Harassing" and "Insulting" Shiba Inu Community

Dogecoin Creator Address "Harassing" and "Insulting" Shiba Inu Community

Dogecoin founder and current project advisor has addressed harassment and insults incoming from the Shiba Inu community after the developer criticized the large number of scam accounts existing inside the community.

Previously, the Dogecoin developer posted a tweet that mentioned Jack Dorsey and contained a phone screen capture of a comment thread, including hundreds of links related to scammy "Shiba" projects that have nothing to do with the real SHIB currency.

hey @jack can we do something about this it's kind of a nightmare— Shibetoshi Nakamoto (@BillyM2k) November 19, 2021

After posting the tweet, members of the Shiba Inu community reacted to Billy Markus by insulting him in the comments for showing the "Shiba Army" in a bad light, which led to a small thread of Markus describing his thoughts and feelings toward the SHIB token and the community around it.

"Shibetoshi Nakamoto" stated that he does not care which cryptocurrency a person buys or sells because it means nothing to him. The only thing the Dogecoin creator cares about is people's attitude toward him.

It's not rocket science. Don't be an [nasty piece of work], and I won't care. Be an [unpleasant person], I won't like you or your community.

Then later he added that the same attitude goes for the Dogecoin community or any coin or token community that decides to harass influencers calling out blatant scams and toxicity inside crypto society.

Billy has also reminded the crypto community that he has no responsibility for Dogecoin anymore since he is not an active part of the development team. But at the same time, the founder cares about the community and hopes that it can be "mildly okay."