Social Trading Platform Bingbon Re-Brands to BingX: Details

Social Trading Platform Bingbon Re-Brands to BingX: Details

Bingbon, a pioneering social trading platform for a wide range of cryptocurrencies and traditional assets, shares the details of its upcoming rebranding.

Bingbon becomes BingX, introduces new logo

According to the official statement shared by the team of Bingbon derivatives trading platform, it rebrands to BingX. This rebranding mirrors the formidable growth accomplished by the platform.

Introducing: BingXBingX is a social trading exchange geared towards nurturing and connecting the next generation of traders.— BingX (Prev. Bingbon) (@BingXEnglish) November 18, 2021

Under the new name, the company is going to accelerate its efforts in its mission to change the game in value transfer, trading and passive income instruments.

Elvisco Carrington, BingX communications manager, stresses that his platform advocates a holistic approach to building next-gen fintech products:

A lot of thought processes and planning went into the creation of the name, BingX. It's a name that resonates and is capable of transcending through time; one that can adapt to the ever-changing crypto climate and is easy for the international community to digest, especially for our target community – all kinds of users from beginners to crypto OGs. What is important to note is that BingX signals seriousness. We want our exchange to be one of the top exchanges, without leaving any doubts or uncertainties in the minds of users and interest groups like top crypto media, crypto journalists, stakeholders, and potential investors.

Besides introducing a new name, the company also changed its logo.

All assets in one trading dashboard

Representatives of BingX also announced that new trading pairs will be added soon in all sections of BingX. This breakthrough became possible due to the obtaining of relevant licenses in North America (the U.S. and Canada), Australia and several other regions.

BingX is well known for its copy-trading toolkit. It is designed to allow early-stage traders to subscribe to experienced market participants and copy their trading strategies.

Besides cryptocurrencies, BingX also launched a trading module for spot assets, a "Buy Crypto" function and a perpetual contracts module for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) XRP and dozens of other mainstream assets.