KuCoin – KCS Price Analysis: KCSUSDT signals long only through Q4 ’21 with RSI values piercing above level-75 across multiple time frames

KuCoin – KCS Price Analysis: KCSUSDT signals long only through Q4 ’21 with RSI values piercing above level-75 across multiple time frames

The KCS token was launched in 2017 as the native currency of the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange, also popularly known as the people’s exchange.

Holders of the KCS exchange token of KuCoin are eligible to earn daily passive income, making KuCoin one of the few centralized crypto exchanges that offer rewards out of KuCoin’s 50% daily revenue.

Crypto traders on the KuCoin crypto exchange also get up to a 20% discount on trading fees when they hold the KCS token.

Other opportunities available to KCS holders include the KuCoin Spotlight, Burningdrop, KCC [Decentralized public chain], KCS burn,

KuCoin Spotlight serves as a platform for the launching and token distribution of early-stage crypto projects. KuCoin users can take part in the early investment of their chosen projects via Spotlight for future gains. With about 14 Spotlight projects launched so far, KCS holders have seen an ROI of up to 2763%.

The development of the KCC, a decentralized public milestone is a notable milestone for the KCS and KuCoin ecosystem, with the KCS used as the native token on the KCC which utilizes a Proof of Staked Authority consensus, mechanism.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the tokenomics of KCS is deflationary as the team regularly executes burning and buyback of the KCS token. Over 20millionUSD worth of KCS tokens have been burnt this year alone, which is about 3X higher than the accumulated 2019 and 2020’s burnt value.

Other than the KuCoin crypto exchange, traders and investors can find the KCS token listed on Poloniex, MXC, Probit, and AscendEX [formerly Bitmax].

Now, let’s analyze the price chart of the KCSUSDT, identify the market structures and price dynamics to validate if it’s a worthwhile investment for short and long-term investment.

KuCoin KCS Daily Chart Analysis

KCS the KuCoin native cryptocurrency explodes into a strong uptrend after finding support after the oversold support on 21 September ’21 on the daily time frame above.

Hidden bullish divergence setups on 12 and 27 October signaled the trend continuation for higher price targets breaking above the bearish divergence resistance on 29 October.

Higher RSI values above level-25 and level-75 establish the bullish campaign and we’re confident that the trend should last through Q4 ’21.

KuCoin KCS 4HR Chart Analysis

Looking at the KCSUSDT from the intraday 4HR time frame, we can see how the oversold RSI levels on 27 October, 27 October, and 04 November, clearly mark the price floors for scaling into the uptrend that’s established on the daily time frame.

The current correction of KCS gains at press time is building up into a hidden bullish divergence setup for a trend continuation. However, even if the price slumps lower, driving the RSI below level-25, it’s still a win-win for the bulls as previous lower RSI values below level 25 already confirm a price floor after such pull-back.

KuCoin KCS Intraday Levels

Spot rate: 22.777

Mid–Term Trend [H4]: Strong Bullish

Volatility: High

Support: $20.993, $17.93, $16.48, and $14.890

Resistance: $25.00