Cometh Continues to Combine NFT and DeFi with Pickle Finance Partnership

Cometh Continues to Combine NFT and DeFi with Pickle Finance Partnership

Much of the excitement about NFTs and DeFi is usually separate. While they’re both promising blockchain use cases, they rarely come together in a single project. This is not a technical necessity, however, and creative developers have found the potential in combining their best features for a new model in gaming known as Play to Earn.

Cometh is a blockchain project that combines NFTs and DeFi in an interesting way. It’s a fun strategy game where players mine token-filled asteroids on yield-generating collectible ships. The game went live recently on the Ethereum Mainnet and on Polygon where it minted more than two thousand spaceships and traded over 600 ETH in volume in less than a month since launch.

Now, the team behind Cometh has announced its partnership with Pickle Finance, a DeFi platform that offers yield-generating products. Pickle’s Pickle Jar, Pickle Farm, Pickle Staking, and Pickle Jar Swap are all designed to make DeFi functionalities easier. Cometh’s Nathan Sexer sees the partnership as a way “to foster DeFi composability on Layer2 and onboard its community onto new galaxies.”

Players will gain access to a collection of pickle-themed spaceships designed by popular NFT artist Arke. These will be available on the Cometh OpenSea marketplace and the benefits will be redistributed in game. Some of the new ships will be given away via a Twitter competition as well as on two separate AMA sessions, one on the Pickle Discord channel and the other on Cometh’s official Telegram channel.

A MUST/PICKLE liquidity pool has also been created on ComethSwap, as explained by the team. Both tokens serve important functions within their native platforms.

Altogether, Cometh is a step-forward in blockchain games. A partnership with Pickle Finance extends its reach into the DeFi community and adds depth to an already interactive gameplay. These are features that are famously lacking in this space and were absent from NFT games. More so, the partnership continues to build on Cometh’s innovative Play to Earn model.