Discord CEO Walks Back Crypto Wallet Hint After Community Backlash

Discord CEO Walks Back Crypto Wallet Hint After Community Backlash

On November 8, Jason Citron, the CEO and founder of social messaging platform Discord, tweeted an image featuring the Discord layout and an integration with crypto wallets MetaMask and Wallet Connect.

Now, just a few days later, he has walked back this seemingly harmless hint, adding that Discord has “no current plans to ship” this crypto wallet integration.

The reasons are unclear, but based on the wave of negative responses to the initial tweet, the crypto feature was likely halted due to strong pushback from the Discord community. “Can’t wait to tell my friends that Discord is encouraging pyramid schemes,” reads one tweet that attracted over 12,000 likes.

Man, can't wait to tell my friends that Discord is encouraging pyramid schemes at grand cost to the environment, and persuading them to cancel their Nitro subscriptions and use competing platforms. Thanks for the heads up!— Anathaeum needs a break (@anathaeum) November 8, 2021

Another user responded to the initial tweet with “don’t make me do it, Jason,” adding a screenshot showing a user canceling their Nitro subscription. Across the more than 3,000 replies, a number of users have followed suit in threatening to cancel their subscriptions.

Decrypt has contacted Discord to learn if there has been a significant rise in cancellations since Citron first tweeted about a crypto integration. The company has yet to respond at press time.

TL;DR don't leave the Discord platform whenever they officially implement N/F/T and cry/pto wallet supportCancel your Nitro and put stress on their servers, they will start to heavily lose money. https://t.co/eZGrvG8kgp— AB1 (8 days 🎂) (@SySAmii_) November 9, 2021

When looking through Discord’s support channel, there are also thousands of posts urging the company not to integrate crypto or NFTs.

What is Discord Nitro?

There's a reason that the Discord community's cryptocurrency critics adopted the strategy of threatening to cancel their Nitro subscriptions.

Nitro is Discord’s premium service, which costs $9.99 per month and offers users an increased upload limit, animated avatars, and several other services. It’s also the firm's primary revenue stream. The Wall Street Journal reported that the service earned the company $130 million in 2020 and $45 million in 2019. These figures have also attracted many investors looking to bet big on the company’s future.

Following a $500 million investment led by Dragoneer Investment Group in September, the social platform is now valued at a whopping $15 billion.

But as the platform grows beyond its roots in the world of gaming and esports, crypto communities are nonetheless playing a much more influential role in how Discord evolves.

Though it’s difficult to quantify the number of crypto-specific Discord servers compared to all servers, Citron’s hints indicate that the company is listening to this fast-growing user base.

For now, though, it appears that Discord's crypto enthusiasts are outnumbered by the technology's critics on the platform.