LocalTrade Recognized as The Most Trusted Project At Crypto Expo Dubai

LocalTrade Recognized as The Most Trusted Project At Crypto Expo Dubai

LocalTrade is on a mission to change the face of crypto and DeFi. Their recent efforts in building a complete DeFi ecosystem along with their utter focus on security and accessibility has been recognized at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 by winning the Most Trusted Project award.

LocalTrade has become the latest buzz project in the crypto world. Being awarded as the Most Trusted Project 2021 at the Crypto Expo Dubai this year is just a brochure to a clear objective to make crypto more accessible and secure for the mainstream public.

“Our vision is clear and we are working hard towards it. Our goal is to become the first platform that allows all types of investors, even with a fiat bank card and a small $10 check, to have seamless access to the most profitable DeFi & CeFi products. And this award is a recognition to our hard work”, said

LocalTrade was in fact an honored guest at the prestigious Crypto Expo Dubai 2021. The Expo, which ran from the 13th to the 15th of October, is an annual event for investors and crypto industry leaders to network and learn about the newest advancement in the space. This year, over 3000 people attended the conference, including at least 40 influential speakers, such as Julian Sawyer (CEO of BitStamp), Bryan Benson (Binance Managing Director), or Anthony Lesoismier-Geniaux (CSO & Swissborg co-founder). According to their website, the event’s goal is to: “learn more about how blockchain and digital assets could change the world towards a new Crypto Era, as Crypto Trend continues to stay!”.

Described as a full CEX trading exchange and a DeFi investment platform at its core, the company has seen impressive growth in recent months. Such growth has led LocalTrade to rank in the top 3 of the major crypto exchanges by 24-hour volume, with $ 8.32 billion traded every day within the platform.

The company’s strategy is built to simplify the access for retail investors into the DeFi sphere. They have started it already with the launch of their DeFi Lab as a holistic hub from which to build an entire DeFi ecosystem, and the LTT token sale.

LocaTrade explain that their token, “is a BEP-20 standard token minted on the Binance Smart Chain. It combines utility and governance functionality, powering up the whole LocalTrade ecosystem”.

“What we want to do with our updated LocalTrade platform is to make blockchain and digital finance understandable for the absolute majority of people,” LocalTrade’s CEO Aaron Levi Yahalom said during the event. “Blockchain itself and DeFi are a true revolution in the way we understand money and the opportunities they provide are limitless. What we want to do is make these opportunities available to everyone.”

It is important to emphasise that LocalTrade is all about democratising the DeFi world. LocalTrade’s tools, such as the DeFi Yield Marketplace and Launchpad, are suitable for beginners; all that is needed is a bank card with a minimum of $10 in its balance. Beyond that, the company will offer special educational programmes which will help the newcomers understand the nuances of DeFi, so they are able to invest wisely and with as little risk as possible.

Seamless access to the crypto world is also behind LocalTrade’s card offering. Partnering with Visa, this card is an attempt to make it more convenient to use crypto day-to-day. Payments have been forgotten by big crypto platforms. Right now, only a handful of places (both digital and physical marketplaces) currently accept payments in crypto, and this fact, when coupled with long transaction processing time, is what slows down global adoption.

LocalTrade’s card is a solution for that:

“LocalTrade’s Visa Card is developed to address these inefficiencies and provide users with a viable payment option, allowing them to utilize crypto with full fiat convenience”.

The exchange is also set to launch an educational tour of Latin American countries, between the 3rd of November until the 6h of February. The plans are far-reaching: the journey will start in Brazil, then the next stops will be Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina The event will be completely free of charge.

It will be interesting to see how LocalTrade evolves in its niche and on DeFi democratisation, especially after the boost of positivsm and energy that a prestigious award such as The Most Trusted Project can provide:. One can only wait for next year, and the Dubai conference, which now will be held in March 2022. Until then, we shall see.