Ethereum Name Service ‘ENS’ Adopters Get Massive Airdrop Rewards, Possible Hopes For Those Who Missed Out

Ethereum Name Service ‘ENS’ Adopters Get Massive Airdrop Rewards, Possible Hopes For Those Who Missed Out

As we have seen with other protocols in times past, the Ethereum Name Service protocol is also rewarding some early birds on the protocol with an airdrop for its new ENS DAO token. The popular Ethereum Name Service protocol, typically issues nonfungible tokens NFTs that can serve as both Ethereum addresses and web domains.

Ethereum Name Service Protocol Distributes Massive Airdrop

Ever since decentralized exchange Uniswap awarded its users with a retroactive airdrop towards the end of 2020, it has somewhat become the norm all through 2021. Members of the ENS community have been waiting eagerly for this, and now the resulting airdrop has translated to an immediate five-figure remuneration for many holders. That’s not all, for those who might have registered many ENS addresses to many wallets, this could mean a whopping six-figure airdrop.

A total of 25 million tokens were distributed by ENS and the token is presently trading for $85 on a number of exchanges.

Meanwhile, although the claims process for the ENS tokens already started since 7 p.m. on November 8, all qualified domain holders must claim theirs no later than May 4, 2022.

Those That Missed Out On ENS Can Keep Hopes Alive

For those that lost out on the ENS goodies this time, probably as a result of their skepticisms, there just might be hope though.

One simple thing to do is to keep using the protocols that are operational today and keep their fingers crossed. It is almost a certainty that the decentralized web rewards its actual users for their time and efforts, keyword being ‘actual’. While some of these protocols may issue tokens in the future, others probably would not. According to a spreadsheet document that’s been making rounds, some projects have been rumored to possibly do the token thing, including those on alternate blockchains like Terra, Solana, and Polkadot.

There have also been reports that MetaMask is already weighing its options on the token matter.

Another place to look would be with the undisputed reigning champion of NFT platforms, OpenSea. Meanwhile, Coinbase, FTX and a host of other big names have also announced plans for their own NFT platforms. But with many startups springing up and taking off the market share, a token may be the only way to ensure that users stay, especially in an ever increasingly competitive market as we have it.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that just about any crypto project that doesn’t already have a token, will. Possibly even those claiming they won’t drop one.