Legendary Dragon NFT Egg Sold Out in 10 Seconds During Primary Sale!

Legendary Dragon NFT Egg Sold Out in 10 Seconds During Primary Sale!

CryptoDragon’s NFT Egg reservation started at exactly 12 PM EST on November 7, 2021, and ended too quickly. Within 10 seconds, Legendary Dragon Egg and 499 more Eggs were reserved.

🚀 All SOLD OUT! Random Eggs 0.2 ETH – sold outEpic Eggs 7 ETH – sold outLegendary Eggs 35 ETH – sold outLess than 10 Seconds!#nft #nftart #nftcommunity #cryptodragons #ETH— CryptoDragons.com (@CryptoDragons) November 7, 2021

Notably, NFT seems to have already determined the direction of development, despite the insane market leaps. NFT sales rose to a record $ 10.6 billion in the third quarter of 2021, according to Reuters. No wonder, that new projects are launching daily to take their share in the expanding market.

CryptoDragons is one of the best NFT projects at the moment. Moreover, the project has offered a unique concept for the users, gaining huge interest from many NFT enthusiasts.

CryptoDragon’s primary sale of 500 NFT Eggs was sold out in a few seconds, as per reports. A Legendary dragon’s Egg worth 35 ETH and an Epic dragon’s Egg worth 7 ETH were quick to find their owners.

The lucky owners of the rest of 498 Random NFT Eggs were able to get them for 0.2 ETH. Depending on luck, they can get a Legendary, Epic, or Common Dragons from these Eggs after hatching.

According to CoinMarketCap, the Ethereum (ETH) price is trading at $4,731.04 with a 24-hour trading volume of $16,883,319,446, at the press time.

ETH/USDT Price Chart (Source: TradingView)

Furthermore, the CryptoDragons team doesn’t want to disappoint the NFT enthusiasts who missed reserving dragon Eggs during the primary sale. Thus, the next round of reservations will be announced shortly by the team.

The whole CryptoDragons Metaverse will start from a limited collection of 10,000 unique NFT Eggs. After hatching, the Egg owners will have two NFTs – a dragon and the Eggshell. There will be Common, Epic, and Legendary types of dragons inside the NFT Eggs.

Join the Discord channel of the project not to miss the next stages of reservations.