NFT Collection Goes Live on Flare's Songbird: Details

NFT Collection Goes Live on Flare's Songbird: Details

Bazooka Chicks is a digital collectibels metaverse that displays the world in 2041 when all humans are dead. The team of this eccentric product has chosen Flare's Songbird (SGB) as a technical platform for its NFT minting.

Digital collectibles mint starts on Songbird

According to the official announcement shared by Bazooka Chicks, an early-stage NFT product, its inaugural digital collectibles drop enters the public mint stage on Songbird.

Public Minting for @BazookaChicks on the #Songbird Network opens in less than 24hrs at the Daily Crypto Close! (00:01 UTC, November 6) Mints will be 25SGB (~$10) (max 30 per transaction)🪂 Each bazooka Makes you eligible for 1:1 @SongbirdPunks!— Bazooka Chicks (@BazookaChicks) November 5, 2021

The initial mint price is set at 25 Songbird tokens (SGB). As covered by U.Today previously, Songbird (SGB) tokens were distributed between the participants of Flare airdrop in early September.

Unlike testnets, Songbird tokens allow users to stress test all possible economic designs on Flare (FLR) in real-world conditions. That is why SGB tokens are not airdropped through unlimited faucets.

Also, participants in the Bazooka Chicks public mint are eligible for the distribution of Songbird Punks, a Songbird-based product inspired by Ethereum's iconic NFT metaverse, CryptoPunks.

Flare cements itself as a novel ecosystem for DeFi and NFT products

Developed by NFT pioneers LarvaLabs, CryptoPunks are the most expensive non-fungible tokens in the entire segment. Some Punks (e.g., CryptoPunk 3100 and CryptoPunk 7804) are worth more than $7.5 million.

Previously, Flare-based projects already made headlines with their NFT-centric initiatives. Namely, as U.Today reported, 7,777 NFTs were sold by Flare Finance in September.

Flare Finance's collections were dedicated to iconic sports car DeLorean. Also, this protocol released a number of Samurai-themed NFT drops.