DAFI Protocol Launches Super Staking V2 With Enhanced Rewards

DAFI Protocol Launches Super Staking V2 With Enhanced Rewards

DAFI Protocol is making significant strides to disrupt every rewards distribution model in the cryptocurrency industry. After months of extensive planning, hard work and forging partnerships, the blockchain startup has officially launched the second iteration of its Super Staking platform (V2).

The new SuperPools include smarter dToken distributions and offer more stable APY rates. Such a brand new architecture fits perfectly with the upgraded logic to provide greater rewards. Users can not only benefit from market-demand volatility turning into incentives, but other mechanisms make Super Staking V2 better than any other staking program seen before.

For instance, every decentralized network that integrates DAFI Protocol to reshape its staking program via dTokens rewards must buy $DAFI on the open market as the fee for such integration. These fees are then deposited back into the V2 SuperPools, significantly increasing APY rates.

This fee model encourages the mass adoption of Super Staking as the standard staking program across the blockchain industry while guaranteeing that Super Stakers are rewarded for their commitment with frequent APY boosts.

Crowdfunding platform Polinate has already bought 450,000 $DAFI on the open market to begin the integration of the Super Staking technology. While these tokens await to be unlocked into the V2 SuperPools, DAFI Protocol continues growing its partner ecosystem to ensure that its smart synthetics technology expands further. Some of DAFI’s top-notch include Polygon, Elrond, DAO Maker, and Reef, to name a few.

Super Staking V2 also addresses the high fees on the Ethereum network as it integrates new SuperPools running on other high-speed and low-cost blockchains. Soon, DAFI will add support for Polygon and Binance Smart Chain to provide a better user experience and maximize incentives as dDAFI rewards.

Although a lot of focus has been placed on Super Staking V2, legacy stakers in the V1 SuperPools have not been forgotten. Despite reaching maximum capacity, Super Staking V1 will not experience any interruption. dDAFI rewards are expected to multiply in V1 as the demand factor changes its pegging and increases in yield.

It is worth mentioning that those users who were staking in the BSC dDAFI SuperPool will receive up to a 25% bonus on their Super Staked $DAFI. These tokens are going to be claimable on Ethereum and Polygon to make the transition smoother. More details about the claim portal will be announced very soon.

The success that Super Staking has had since launched in late June hasn’t been unnoticed. As decentralized networks prepare to buy $DAFI on the open market to begin integrating smart synthetics dTokens into their ecosystems, the new iteration of Super Staking could not look more promising.

All in all, Super Staking V2 could be a game-changer as it incorporates different factors that make staking programs more dynamic and better to withstand market-demand volatility.