The FIRST Non-custodial Decentralized Exchange Built on the Cardano Blockchain by Ravendex

The FIRST Non-custodial Decentralized Exchange Built on the Cardano Blockchain by Ravendex

Nowadays, decentralized exchanges are a part of exchanges that allow peer-to-peer transactions without any third party. Importantly, you can perform transactions safely online without any issues.

DEX advocates that what makes decentralized exchanges attractive is their security. However, centralized exchanges come with several issues, including exposure to hackers, prohibiting or limiting your ability to trade cryptocurrency, and restricting access to your digital assets.

Nevertheless, decentralized exchanges facilitate trade between individuals through smart contracts. There are several successful DEXs, including PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain and Curve and Uniswap on Ethereum. RavenDex is another unique platform built on the Cardano Blockchain. It is a cross-chain exchange that operates using the EUTXO accounting model with unique features like splitting liquidity.

Besides this, it offers the first crypto asset lending and borrowing platform on the Cardano Ecosystem that allows smart contracts to deposit and collect interests from assets using a set of pre-defined rules.

In order to further know about Ravendex, here’s an interview with Ravendex Core Team.

Q: Quick follower gaining on Twitter within a short period, what is the secret?

Ravendex Core Team: I always know that growth is possible when the right principle is applied. We understood the importance of Twitter and utilized the platform to its fullest.

Firstly, we partnered with Twitter promoters to leverage their audience. The marketing team also ran different PR campaigns, which resulted in over 15K followers within a month.

Q: What’s the idea behind your team’s mysterious identity?

Ravendex Core Team: A project can be anonymous for specific reasons. However, it is fundamental for investors to do their research about any project. The whole concept of Crypto industry was the decentralized and being anonymous, and now attempts are made to change that entirely in name of transparency. It is laughable that some people think that when a project has an anonymous team, it is a fraudulent project.

Q: Because of the anonymous team behind your project, there are several FUDs about the Rave token on social media. What is your reaction to these FUDs?

Ravendex Core Team: If you have been in the cryptocurrency space, you would know that FUD is inevitable. For instance, Bitcoin was called a scam when it started, and many people refused to buy it.

Today, its price is approaching the $100,000 market, and you still think it is a FUD? So when I hear about the FUD about our project, I don’t give a thought to them because we are here to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry.

Q: Is there any insight as to where the project is heading now?

Ravendex Core Team: What insight are you referring to? We have everything laid out on our several platforms. For instance, in our Medium blog, you will see our technical updates and documentation pages, which show our Roadmap.

In addition, on our website, you can download our Whitepaper, which contains everything you need to know about the project and the sale stages.

Q: We’ve talked about the FUD; what is the attitude of Ravendex concerning this?

Ravendex Core Team: We have always had a zero-tolerance regarding FUD. Fudders have only one intention, which is to bring a project down, notwithstanding anything. It is evident that our success, despite being anonymous, has attracted several jealous critics and bitter people who missed the bandwagon or are on the wrong side of the street. We wish them well because

Ravendex has been growing exponentially despite these attacks. If their jealously fuels our success more, we look forward to more of these FUDS.