Cardano-Based DEX Ravendex Launches 5000 ADA Giveaway: Details

Cardano-Based DEX Ravendex Launches 5000 ADA Giveaway: Details

Ravendex, a decentralized cryptocurrencies exchange that works on top of the largest proof-of-stake (PoS) network, Cardano (ADA), launches a giveaway on Crypto Twitter.

5,000 ADA tokens will be distributed between Ravendex supporters, here's how

According to the official announcement shared by the Ravendex team in its social media channels, blogs and official website, it is starting a large giveaway to thank its enthusiasts.

@Ravendexlabs 5000 ADA Community Giveaway Is Live!5 winners to share the Pool prize of 5000 @Cardano ADA TokensJoin Below and Goodluck— Ravendex (@Ravendexlabs) November 2, 2021

Five lucky competitors will share a 5,000 ADA reward pool. In actual prices, this sum is equal to $10,300. The winner will receive 2,000 ADA, while the second prize nets 1,500 ADA.

Third-, fourth- and fifth-place winners will receive 500 ADA each. To be eligible for the airdrop, crypto enthusiasts should follow Ravendex on Twitter and complete a list of simple tasks.

Each participant will be eligible for participation in the giveaway. Also, to be eligible for the distribution, a DeFi supporter should hold at least 30,000 RAVE on his/her receiving address.

Bringing decentralized liquidity practices to Cardano (ADA)

Besides the noncustodial exchange of cryptocurrency assets, Ravendex allows its customers to participate in decentralized lending/borrowing operations. Also, Ravendex includes a staking module for the passive income of its customers.

Ravendex pioneers the novel tokensale concept, i.e., Initial Liquidity Pool Offerings (ILPOs). It allows early-stage projects to raise funds in a fairer and more transparent way.

As covered by U.Today previously, Ravendex released its frontend demo after successful pre-sale and private sale rounds. Now Ravendex inches closer to its public tokensale.


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