BLOCKS Launches Silver and Gold Tokenized Community Tiers, Token Listed on Uniswap

BLOCKS Launches Silver and Gold Tokenized Community Tiers, Token Listed on Uniswap

BLOCKS— the first DAO LLC registered in Wyoming, U.S., aiming to move traditional industries onto the blockchain–, has launched their tokenized community tiers.

BLOCKS Activates the Silver and Gold Tokenized Community Tiers on Discord

As per a recent press statement, the platform has two membership tiers distinguished primarily by BLOCK token holding. The launch is the platform’s first milestone towards gradually decentralizing. BLOCKS said this tiered system is a token permissioned chat operating on Discord.

Being a pay-to-play system, users gain access to project-centric conversation by holding a certain amount of BLOCKS in their non-custodial MetaMask wallets on Discord. Overall, their overarching goal is to build an engaging community that’s user-friendly and concurrently rewarding.

Users keen on gaining access to the Silver group must hold a minimum of 300k BLOCKS. This threshold gives them certain advantages. For example, BLOCKS said members of this group will receive important updates before they are disseminated to the public.

Besides, they have voting privileges on certain items like adding more discord channels or ambassador nominees on Discord. Moreover, BLOCKS revealed that because of user commitment to lock up 300k BLOCKS to be part of the conversation, they stand a chance to receive airdrops. The amount of tokens received on this drop, however, is subject to participation and content contribution.

Meanwhile, members of the Gold group, the upper tier of the BLOCKS community, must hold at least one million tokens in their MetaMask wallets.

Apart from receiving exclusive updates and initiatives, getting voter privileges, or receiving airdrops—twice the Silver Group amount–Gold members can become a BLOCKS Ambassador or Leader. With this coordination role, they are granted rights to a management meeting once every month. Additionally, Gold Group members have a chance to participate in partnership integration into the ecosystem.

BLOCKS Lists on Uniswap

Following the launch, users can purchase BLOCKS tokens on Uniswap—the largest DEX on Ethereum–after listing on October 30.

All a user needs is a MetaMask wallet. In Uniswap there are no squeezes of registration or submission of identifying documents. The DEX is open source, anchored on blockchain principles, and community-driven.

In total, there are 10 billion BLOCKS tokens. Out of this, 800 million–eight percent of the total supply–, will be to boost its DEX liquidity, and another 1.8 billion set apart for incentivisation through liquidity farming. Moreover, 400 million BLOCKS will also be airdropped through the project’s tokenized community silver and gold tiers.

The BLOCKS token serves a dual function, acting as a utility within the expanding ecosystem and governance while also playing a vital role in the DAO and the Builder program.

The platform creators added that the token also doubles up as a unit of measure across their enterprise and industry partnerships, a pass to access BLOCKS’ software development kits, and a qualifier for receiving benefits from their strategic partners.

The BLOCKS and HUMBL Partnership

Last October 15, BLOCKS and HUMBL announced a strategic collaboration to drive blockchain initiatives. To achieve their overarching objectives, BLOCKS uses several techniques, including sidechains and bridges, for effortless utility.

Following the partnership with HUMBL—a consumer blockchain company with eyes of easing the use of verticals like crypto payments, ticketing, and NFTs–, both teams have begun experimenting.

Specifically, they are now testing the use of bridges and sidechains to drastically reduce Gas fees. In Ethereum, Gas fees are excessive, negatively impacting utility and keeping away users and funds keen on saving. At the same time, the team is now looking at improving NFT metadata storage and registry for better provenance of files.