Grayscale Buys Large Amounts of LINK, FIL, BAT, Now Holding $55.1 Billion in Crypto AUM

Grayscale Buys Large Amounts of LINK, FIL, BAT, Now Holding $55.1 Billion in Crypto AUM

According to a tweet posted by Grayscale Investments on Nov. 1, the largest crypto asset managing company affiliated with billionaire Barry Silbert and his Digital Currency Group conglomerate, now holds a staggering $55.1 billion worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto assets managed by its expert team.

Besides, recently, Grayscale has bought massive amounts of three popular altcoins—LINK, BAT and Fil—for its trusts that hold popular altcoins.

11/1/21 UPDATE: Net Assets Under Management, Holdings per Share, and Market Price per Share for our Investment Products.Total AUM: $55.1 billion$BTC $BAT $BCH $LINK $MANA $ETH $ETC $FIL $ZEN $LTC $LPT $XLM $ZEC $UNI $AAVE $COMP $CRV $MKR $SUSHI $SNX $YFI $UMA $BNT $ADA $SOL— Grayscale (@Grayscale) November 1, 2021

Grayscale buys more FIL, BAT and LINK

According to data provided by Bybt analytics website, Grayscale has added 188,991 BAT over the past seven days and 179,641 BAT tokens in the past month.

It has also purchased 1,141 LINK in the last week and 8,823 in the past 30 days. As for Fil, the amount of this altcoin added by the company to its trust totals 2,416 in the past week and 5,121 over the past 30 days.

At the moment, Grayscale holds $39.634 billion worth of Bitcoin, $13.438 billion in Ether, $6 million in BAT, $9.4 million in LINK and $6.1 million worth of Filecoin.

Grayscale has also recenty filed an application to convert its Bitcoin Trust into a Bitcoin ETF.

Digital Currency Group raises over $700 million from Google and SoftBank

As reported by U.Today on Monday, Barry Silbert's Digital Currency Group has raised a whopping $700 million in an investment round led by SoftBank with the participation of Google's investment arm, Capital G, and other major funds. The funds were raised by selling shares.

The DCG does not have any problems with cash flow at the moment, and Barry Silbert stated that part of the raised money would be used to let the company evolve further, as well as to let some early shareholders lock in their profits.

Silbert said that the DCG has been profitable since the day it was founded. Besides, this year, the company plans to rake in an astounding billion USD in revenue.