DAFI Protocol Launches dBridge Testnet with Merkle-Proof Cross-Chain Bridge

DAFI Protocol Launches dBridge Testnet with Merkle-Proof Cross-Chain Bridge

DAFI Protocol has announced the launch of their highly-anticipated dBridge Testnet that showcases a fast and secure cross-chain bridge that can support DAFI tokens and dTokens on multiple chains. The Testnet will give users the chance to experience the bridge functionality and report any feedback with the goal of perfecting the user experience and process prior to launching the dBridge mainnet.

In the past, DAFI’s technology has allowed users to witness the power of Super Staking and shown the potential to leverage Staking 2.0 to create a more balanced network of incentivization across projects and their communities. dBridge provides a clear step in the right direction with the facilitation of bi-directional transfers of DAFI between blockchains, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (with more coming in the near future).

According to DAFI, dBridge was built by taking a “security and speed-focused approach”. dBridge’s architecture involves using “Merkle-proofs and roots in order to validate transfers on more than one blockchain.” This occurs by having two bridge contracts in place on the sending and receiving chain with a listener watcher over the events on both chains. dBridge will undergo multiple security audits before being released on mainnet, but users are also encouraged to submit feedback.

dBridge was built with simplicity in mind and contains just a few simple steps for users that want to transfer DAFI tokens cross-chain. First users visit https://bridge.dafiprotocol.io/ and select their starting chain (test net tokens will be required at this stage). Next, you request approval from Metamask and the tokens will start bridging automatically. Last, users visit the “claims” tab to claim their bridged assets. The bridging process will only take a few minutes to complete.

Despite a robust technical architecture, the process is extremely straightforward for end-users who can benefit from dBridge’s security and speed. To learn more about DAFI’s dBridge Testnet, visit DAFI’s official Medium announcement or social media channels.


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