Dvision World Set To Launch After Successful Open Beta Test

Dvision World Set To Launch After Successful Open Beta Test

Dvision Network is set to launch Dvision World, a robust and diversified NFT marketplace powered by a blockchain-based metaverse. Dvision World uses the combined power of augmented and virtual reality to bring an immersive metaverse to its users. The launch of Dvision World signals the beginning of a new era as the ecosystem goes through enlargement and completion of its metaverse development phase.

Dvision Network had been testing Dvision World in an Open Beta Test. Upon successful completion of the beta test, it is now set to launch Dvision World for the broader Dvision community. Dvision World will officially launch on the 1st of November. At which point users will be able to access Dvision World, create avatars, and participate in events in the metaverse, in addition to witnessing the opening of the very first Meta-Cities.

Building In Dvision

Users can create content in the Dvision metaverse by utilizing LANDs, Meta-Spaces which make up the Meta-Cities. A user is only limited by their imagination when creating in the Dvision metaverse. In a world like this, anything is possible. Users can choose to present their content as gaming, academic, commercial, or entertainment pieces of in-game content.

The Dvision NFT marketplace also enables users to trade NFTs within the metaverse. These can range from avatars, LANDs, PET, ITEM, and any other unique NFTs that are available in the game.

Users can attend conferences and forums in the Dvision metaverse, have meetups and presentations, create commercials, and enjoy the gaming experience Dvision offers. Players can communicate with other players in Dvision as they game in one of leading metaverses in the crypto space.

How Does Dvision World Tie Into This?

Dvision World is basically a lobby in the Dvision metaverse. Just as a hotel lobby will be the first point of contact before heading off to other parts of the building, so does Dvision World serve as the first point of contact for the Dvision metaverse.

When users first gain access to Dvision metaverse, the first stop is Dvision World. Users can then gain access to other parts of the metaverse through this portal. Dvision World is a public open-world that aids users in navigating around the Meta-Cities, where they can acquire and purify LANDs.

Dvision World will connect 20 cities. Each of these Meta-Cities will be introduced gradually to the community and these cities will be connected through a Central Warp Tower. Meta-Cities are open spaces where LANDs – Meta-Spaces – can be gathered.

Getting Started On Dvision

Dvision World is now open to the community. To get access, users will have to pre-register for an account. Pre-registration will give users access to important events like airdrop announcements. Once Dvision officially launches on November 1st, users will then be able to create their avatars and have a front row seat to the launch of the Meta-Cities.

Utilizing its own VR technology means that Dvision can effectively lower the barriers to entry. This way, designers, enterprises, and general users alike can experience the most advanced metaverse experience in the space.

What To Expect

Dvision Network has made some significant changes with the launch. Users can participate in Play To Earn where they can engage in Combat Mode and LAND Purification Processes. Use cases for NFTs in the metaverse are now broader with the addition of PET and In-game ITEMs. To enhance gameplay, DVG, an in-game reward currency, has been introduced. Users can earn DVG by playing in the metaverse. However, DVGs are not a token and are only native to the Dvision metaverse.

Dvision Network also upgraded their tokenomics and governance system. Dvision plans to introduce a DAO mechanism to enable decentralized policy-making practices within the ecosystem.

Updated tokenomics means that holders of DVI, Dvision Network’s native token, are rewarded for playing in the Dvision metaverse, staking their tokens, and taking part in governance voting events in the ecosystem.

Standing Above The Rest

What sets Dvision Network apart from its peers is its multi-chain capability. The platform is built on top of Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The entire ecosystem is powered by the DVI utility and governance tokens. This allows for cross-functionality between the Ethereum Network and the Binance Smart Chain.