SHIB Not Hurt by Elon Musk’s Negative Tweet, David Gokhshtein Explains Why

SHIB Not Hurt by Elon Musk’s Negative Tweet, David Gokhshtein Explains Why

Head of the PAC Protocol David Gokhshtein has taken to Twitter to stress that Shiba Inu (SHIB) meme currency has rallied to the Sunday all-time high without Elon Musk pumping it in his tweets and the project has not been hurt by the centibillionaire’s tweet posted on Sunday.

“SHIB is not hurt by today’s tweet of Elon Musk”

In his recent tweet, CEO of PAC emphasized the fact that Shiba Unu reached Sunday’s all-time high without Elon Musk pumping the meme coin.

Therefore, Gokhshtein adds, the SHIB project has not been hurt by the tweet Musk posted on Sunday, saying that he does not hold SHIB and stating that a crypto project should create real value by providing “goods and services to fellow human beings” and not try to make money in any form.

Gokhshtein added that had Musk tweeted in the same manner about Dogecoin, it would most likely have impacted the coin negatively, hinting that Dogecoin and its community depend on the appraisal Elon Musk gives them on Twitter.

The PAC Protocol CEO also tweeted that the new lifetime peak was reached by SHIB without getting listed on the Robinhood app.

$SHIB did it without Elon — so I don’t believe the project is hurt because of what Elon said today.If Elon said that about $DOGE, that would have been a different story.Elon needs to chill though and help grow the space in general.— David Gokhshtein (@davidgokhshtein) October 24, 2021

SHIB plummets after Musk’s tweet

The canine cryptocurrency, referred to by the SHIB community as the “Dogecoin killer” went down after Elon Musk rejected it in his tweet.

On Sunday, October 24, SHIB soared to a new historic peak of $0.00004442. On the same day, after the Tesla CEO posted his “anti-SHIB” tweet, the second largest meme cryptocurrency plunged approximately 14 percent to $0.00003472. However, later on, SHIB recovered to the $0.00004 level.

SHIB became the third most traded crypto after Bitcoin and Tether (surpassing even Ethereum) and got to be the most traded crypto on Coinbase by margin.

At the time of writing, the crypto is trading at $0.00003879, as per the data provided by CoinMarketCap.

Robinhood adds SHIB to their customer survey

On Saturday, U.Today reported that Robinhood app, that is expected to list Shiba Ibu soon, included SHIB in its survey for customers to study their preferences in crypto.

The survey contained a list of crypto and a question whether a user have recently bought any of the cryptos offered on the list, including SHIB, XRP, ADA, DOGE and a few other popular cryptocurrencies together with Bitcoin.


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