ASSEMBLE Protocol Adoption Grows As Price Surged 200% After Coinbase Listing

ASSEMBLE Protocol Adoption Grows As Price Surged 200% After Coinbase Listing

ASSEMBLE Protocol’s native token ASM is now listed on the Coinbase platform. The exchange announced in a blog post that it had added support for deposit/withdrawal/trading ASM tokens on Coinbase Pro accounts.

Coinbase had earlier announced that it had enabled cold storage and custody support for ASM tokens, a clear indicator that the crypto exchange put the ASM token into consideration for listing it on its other platforms. The final confirmation came on Wednesday, 20th October and trading with ASM tokens commenced on the Coinbase Pro trading platform, with the enabling the trading on its major platform on the next day.

Prior to the official listing, Coinbase Pro had enabled deposits for the ASM token. Some users had thus begun using this feature before the official announcement was made by the crypto exchange. Users are able to trade the token using the ASM-USD and ASM-USDT trading pairs on Coinbase Pro.

ASM Price Surges 200%

News of the listing was met with enthusiasm from the ASSEMBLE Protocol community. The first 24 hours of trading on Coinbase Pro proved to be beneficial for the digital asset as the price had begun to rally. By the end of the day, ASM’s price had recorded a 200% jump following the listing announcement. The added momentum pushed the price of the asset from $0.037 to $0.9821 in a 24-hour period, with the total trading volume on all exchanges reaching the peak of 500 million USD.

ASM has maintained this momentum so far with the price continuing to rally days after the listing was announced. The listing has proven to be a catalyst for the price as the late hours of Thursday saw the price reach a peak of $0.137.

In addition, transaction volume saw a marked increase. ASM transaction volume grew 26,000% in anticipation of the Coinbase listing. Furthermore, the asset has remained in the green with a 24-hour price change of 21.73%, according to CoinMarketCap. The token is also available for trading on large exchanges like and Bithumb Korea.

About ASSEMBLE Protocol

ASSEMBLE Protocol is one of the few projects that has attempted to solve a pressing issue in the South Korean market. However, as of today, the Ethereum-domiciled project has recorded the most success with providing solutions to consumers. The protocol provides consumers an avenue to spend or cash out their mileage and loyalty points with no hassle.

Consumers have complained of not being able to use these points due to it expiring. With ASSEMBLE Protocol, users are able to get their rewards without worrying about the points expiring. This has led to massive adoption of the technology, with over 750,000 registered users on its database using the technology. Using the innovative technology of the Ethereum blockchain, the project provides users with multiple avenues to spend their mileage and loyalty points.

Using The ASSEMBLE Protocol

ASSEMBLE recently celebrated the launch of a web version for its product. Users are now able to access ASSEMBLE from their desktop and laptop computers, in addition to Android and iOS apps that have been in operation since launch.

Using ASSEMBLE protocol, consumers can exchange their mileage and loyalty points for eGift cards, as well as pay for goods and services on the platform. Moreover, users can also convert their points into unified reward points known as ASP, which they can then exchange for ASM tokens.

ASSEMBLE provides users a single, unified, digital wallet where they can utilize their points before they expire.


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