KuCoin Is Meeting Crypto’s Social Demands with New App Features That Redefine Crypto Trading

KuCoin Is Meeting Crypto’s Social Demands with New App Features That Redefine Crypto Trading

KuCoin has morphed its trading ecosystem into a socially-focused one by reconstructing its app to fit the social expectations of crypto. They’ve introduced KuCoin S to give users a fluid trading experience that allows them to simultaneously learn crypto, making it easier for those without any crypto background to have a fear-free and engaging time.

It all starts with the visual design of KuCoin S. They’ve taken a light minimalistic approach to their app’s architecture so users have an immediately intuitive experience when navigating and performing tasks. The social features of KuCoin S include copying and sharing trades, a section for users to receive popular coins by the most searches, and AI-customized crypto news for users to like, comment, and favorite — this feature alone aims to tackle problems traders go through daily such as being emotionally triggered by FUD and making trading decisions based on it — the sentiment of users giving their take on FUD news can quickly help traders dismiss it.

KuCoin is committed to its vision of addressing the social pain points that stop people from comfortably entering crypto. By introducing social trading features to their developed infrastructure of 8 million-plus users, they’ve become the largest crypto exchange to take lead in crypto social trading.

The merge of social and trading extends KuCoin’s role in accelerating crypto mass adoption and popularizing the industry. Their goal of maximizing the social side of trading is intended to increase the participation of people getting involved in new crypto trends. CEO of KuCoin, Johnny Lyu discussed how previous trends were dormant until their social features got enhanced: “In the early days of the Internet, netizens used to surf the Internet by browsing web news that’s been posted online. Similarly, only single-player games were available in the early stage of the gaming industry. There was very little connection between each user at that time.”

KuCoin’s CEO expects the crypto industry to evolve into its final form with socialization. The social extensions of KuCoin put them in the driver’s seat to make crypto more user-friendly and increase the ways users can socially interact to achieve common goals and objectives.

KuCoin S and its social features are currently available to KuCoin users who were given invite codes. They plan to permanently integrate KuCoin S into their app by the end of the year.