JD.com drops NFT series on its own blockchain

JD.com drops NFT series on its own blockchain

JD.com is the latest big name to delve into the world of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), as the Chinese e-commerce giant unveils a special NFT series on its own blockchain platform.

The online retail giant is reportedly launching the series ahead of its annual JD Discovery conference. Per reports of a Chinese news agency Sina Finance, JD.com will be issuing out celebratory NFT certificates to attendees of this year’s JDD conference event in Beijing.

It is expected of JD.com to issue one NFT for free to individuals after successfully signing up for the JDD 2021 conference event. While the event is slated to kick off on November 22, users have already started signing up since October 18 and can continue doing so until the event day, through WeChat mini program, on the website designated for the event.

News gathered reveals that the NFT series will be featuring a set of seven NFT models, with each, containing various images that can be used to identify the various forums of the JDD event.

In addition, participating users stand the chance of winning more NFTs by inviting their friends. But, the users can only lay claim to the winning after their invited friends also sign up successfully. Now, for every one person who is successfully invited to sign up, there’ll be a winning of one NFT voucher. According to the reports, it is these vouchers that users will keep adding together, until all seven NFT models are collected.

As earlier mentioned, the JDD 2021 conference will commence on Nov. 22 at the ​China International Exhibition Center, and would be having in attendance, panels on tech innovation, as well as artificial intelligence. After being launched in 2017, the JDD conference has gone on to become a major technology event in China, covering areas like supply chain innovation, the digital financial industry, smart cities, and many others.

The news follows after some major Chinese retail companies like Alibaba and technology conglomerate Tencent also announced their own NFT projects as well. Sometime in August, Alibaba announced the launch of an NFT marketplace, while we also reported when Tencent revealed its plans to release its own NFT trading platform.


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