15% of Females Are Informed Investors: Capital.com Survey

15% of Females Are Informed Investors: Capital.com Survey

Capital.com, a multi-asset platform for CFD trading that allows its customers to benefit from stocks, commodities and crypto market fluctuations, conducted a survey to study the investing strategies of males and females in the United Kingdom.

Two of three females are newbie investors

According to the recap of the survey results published by Capital.com, 65% of women in the United Kingdom stated that they are new to investing.

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At the same time, 15% of women evaluated their expertise in investing and markets as sufficient: they are "informed" about the most trending processes on the market.

Twenty-eight percent of men claim that they belong to the "informed" investors category. A total of 47% of males confirmed that they have traded stocks and shares online at least once.

Out of the female population, only 29% of respondents traded CFD positions through digital instruments, as revealed by research by Capital.com and OnePoll.

Is investing too risky?

Asked about the motivation to avoid stocks and shares trading, 58% of female respondents answered that these instruments are too risky.

Fifty-two percent are not sure that they are informed about all mechanisms and principles of stocks and shares trading and investing. Also, 22% of females admitted that the fees of mainstream online brokers are too high.

Jonathan Squires, CEO of Capital.com, concluded that women are more interested in conservative instruments focused on saving rather than investing:

Based on the findings of our survey, female investors are less likely to invest or trade online if they are not fully informed of the risk associated with it. A big part of trading and investing is about building confidence through research, education and learning. If you aren't fully informed, then you shouldn't trade.