PlayDapp Launches Staking Rewards For Their RPG Game Along With the Gods: Knights of the Dawn, Pre-Staking launches October 20th

PlayDapp Launches Staking Rewards For Their RPG Game Along With the Gods: Knights of the Dawn, Pre-Staking launches October 20th

Cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology allowed for the rise of a new trend with the potential to disrupt a billion-dollar industry. Supported by the play-to-earn model, on-chain gaming has gained worldwide adoption and seems poised to onboard billions of users in the coming years.

In that sense, leading customer-to-customer (C2C) NFT marketplace PlayDapp launched Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn in 2020, their first blockchain-based role-playing game (RPG). Within its world, players can collect and raise heroes with different types of attributes and gain rewards (tokens, NFTs, runes) with real-world value.

The RPG has gained popularity due to its deep lore, the possibility to form teams of heroes with unique skills set, its many challenges, its many options in terms of strategy, and because players can trade their items on the Polygon network. The game allows players to double their earnings with in-game rewards if they take part in events.

How Along With The Gods: Knights of The Dawn Has Evolved

Created by a team with vast experience in the big tech sector, its core leadership was part of South Korean Giant Naver with great technical expertise acquired in leading mobile gaming company Netmarble, Microsoft, and NCSOFT, Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn is backed by top talent.

PlayDapp managed to secure partnerships with some of the biggest names within and outside the space, such as Samsung, Polygon, Chainlink, Portis, Klayth, LINE, and others.

Thus, the project has been able to benefit from the core team’s personal experience and deep insight into the gaming industry. Recently, PlayDapp announced a blockchain update for their flagship RPG to add new functionality and empower their players by giving them more options and new ways to enjoy the game and earn rewards.

On August 31st, the platform announced its NFT Merge function which allows users to upgrade their PlayDapp NFT and increase their value by boosting their rarity rank. This marked a new beginning for their ecosystem due to the high interoperability created for the different games on the platform.

The team behind PlayDapp is launching a dedicated play-to-earn server to unlock a better gaming experience for users. As a result, starting on October 20th, 2021, players will be able to participate in the new staking mechanism and maximize their rewards to earn PlayDapp’s native token PLA.

Already listed in some of the major exchanges across the crypto industry, such as UpBit,, Coinbase, and others, the PLA token has real-world value. Data from CoinGecko indicates that the token has experienced a 22% profit in the 2-week chart and a rally from $0,18 to $1,26 in the 90 days chart.

How To Earn With Along with the Gods/ how to stake

With the new mechanism, Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn players will be able to stake their funds to earn additional rewards every day or every week, the staking process is low risk and lossless; the players always remain in power. Users can move their staked assets at any time and never give up control of their funds.

To start staking, users will need a specific amount of NFT if they want to earn daily or weekly rewards. For the former, a player needs three SR grade Playz NFT and for the latter one SSR grade Plays NFT. These can be bought at the PlayDapp NFT marketplace.

In addition, players are encouraged to merge their PlayDapp NFTs. As mentioned above, this process makes it easier to boost an NFT rarity rank. Therefore, players have more access to higher rewards.

Players can earn as much as 5 PLA in the daily rewards and up to 5,000 PLA in weekly rewards. The team behind PlayDapp has enabled the pre-staking process to open for everyone from October 20th. Full details as well as staking can be found at

Roadmap For Global Adoption

In the coming months, PlayDapp and Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn will keep expanding and growing to achieve their vision and usher mass adoption. The team behind the project plans to add new mechanics, rewards, and specialized servers.

Furthermore, the team plans to expand into other ecosystems within the next year PlayDapp will attempt to rollout further mainnet support for Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn. The future of on-chain gaming is full of potential and Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn is ready to take the sector by storm.


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