Crowned Bored Ape with trippy fur sells for record $2.7 million

Crowned Bored Ape with trippy fur sells for record $2.7 million

Bored Ape #8585 was sold last night for a record-breaking 696.969 ETH ($2.7 million). That's the most a Bored Ape has ever sold for.

This NFT is part of the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, which features a range of apes with different expresssions and outfits — some rarer than others.

This sale follows on from a range of expensive Bored Ape sales. In the last 20 days, there have been two other sales above the $1 million mark, one for a Bored Ape that also has trippy fur, and one for a robot ape with cyborg eyes.

The buyer of Bored Ape #8585 also picked up a few other NFTs in recent days. These included a Fidenza — one of the Art Blocks Curated NFTs — for 200 ETH ($775,000), and two CryptoPunks. The CryptoPunks were bought for 155 ETH ($600,000) and 265 ETH ($1 million).

In total, the buyer spent $5 million on the JPEGs — and they still have a cool $1 million of ETH remaining in their wallet.

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