Charles Hoskinson Addresses FUD About Upcoming PAB Upgrade, Here's What He Says

Charles Hoskinson Addresses FUD About Upcoming PAB Upgrade, Here's What He Says

CEO of Input Output Global and founder of the Cardano blockchain platform, Charles Hoskinson, has got on the air from Africa to give the ADA community a brief update on the current Cardano “pan-African” tour. He also addressed the big flow of FUD he has recently seen on Twitter about Cardano’s coming integration of PAB – Plutus Application Backend that is due in November.

Brief Update— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) October 18, 2021

Update from Cardano African tour

Hoskinson shared with the community how the African tour of Cardano has been going. He mentioned multiple meetings, including the dinner with the CEO of the ShopRite retail giant and the company’s innovation team.

Over the weekend, on Saturday, October 16, Cardano chief gave a speech at the Cape Town Innovation Hub which was part of the CiTi event (“Cape Innovations and Tech Initiative”) – there was a “fireside chat” with Hoskinson.

He jokingly refers to this long trip around Africa as a “pan-African tour”. It has started it Cape Town in South Africa and will continue in other local countries heading North – Zanzibar, Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia, ending up in Egypt.

Hoskinon shared that they have three heads of states in the queue to meet, as well as “tons of other meetings” to make.

Hoskinson addresses more FUD about scalability and TPS on Cardano

Charles also addressed the extremely large amount of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) he bumped into on Twitter in the past few days regarding the upcoming small upgrade on Cardano that is due in late October but most likely in early November – PAB.

PAB stands for Plutus Application Backend. It is one of the tools offered by the platform after the Alonzo hardfork implemented in September and it helps developers building on Cardano to use smart contracts.

According to a Cardano explanation, PAB is “an off-chain, backend service for managing and handling the requirements of the application instance throughout its lifecycle.”

Hoskinson stated that he has bumped into lots of “usual FUD” regarding Cardano ecosystem, in particular mentioning scalability and TPS issues. Charles said that the platform continues to evolve, devs are learning as they go (and they have a lot to learn with Cardano). However, overall the Cardano ecosystem is strong and secure at the moment and they have never seen so much demand before.

Hoskinson added that there are a lot of commercial products being prepared on Cardano too. He has reminded the community and those who are spreading the FUD that a lot of technology that will be rolled out on this blockchain within three-to-nine months.