Lordtoken, a French future exchange is the 4th to be powered by Binance Cloud

Lordtoken, a French future exchange is the 4th to be powered by Binance Cloud

Painstaking research from notably relevant websites have over time ranked Binance & other major Asian exchanges like Kucoin, Bybit & FTX as the major exchanges of the world with huge trade volumes & endearing value propositions. Despite the ongoing clampdown on crypto hotspots within the Asian continent, the surge in trading volumes of these exchanges increases to the dismay of other European contemporaries offering crypto exchange services.

In just a decade of crypto evolution, technological UFO, bitcoin, and the entirety of the crypto markets have attracted the general public & institutions. The rapidly growing adoption rate of Bitcoin with its over 130 million users shows that it now has more adoption than the internet as of 1997.

So far there have been just a few successful crypto exchanges in Europe and it’s even less in France. However, considering the huge returns generated by these top exchanges, it is still surprising to a lot of crypto enthusiasts that the European exchange isn’t leading the pack. Even the indigenous tokens like BNB from Binance, FTT From FTX & KCS from Kucoin have over time gained serious traction in price and market cap. Although a project like Lord Token with France origin is a project to look out for considering its value propositions & future-growth potentials.

Lord Token is a brainchild of a broader & more ambitious reflection of the future of an ideal exchange, it’s completely like an innovation that writes the wrongs of erstwhile exchanges with unlimited investment opportunities accessible for everyone in any kind of crypto-Niche.

Lord Token exchange cooperation with Binance cloud will allow:

(1) A seamless adoption of Binance’s entire liquidity at its launch, i.e users will have access to operate in the $20 billion in transactions per day market and because Lord Token is an exchange of France origin, more Europeans will have leeway to crypto-financial inclusion. Although, they have been 2 other exchanges (TerraCloud in the virgin islands & Tokocrypto in Indonesia) that had similar cooperations.

(2) Aside from the heavy depths of liquidity that come with this cooperation, such cooperation will also include deployment & maintenance of Lord Token exchange trading mobile application and it will have a similar user-friendly graphic interface like the Binance application.

Compliance & Security.

The duo is something a lot of people now look out for because it determines the sustainability and safety of the exchange, although they aren’t yet a robust legal framework for engaging crypto-players.

However Lord Token seemed to have made great efforts towards achieving it. This is probably why it has an incorporated stric partnership with KYC/AML leading players.

Let’s look at some key features of the Lord Token Exchange.

(1) High daily trading volume ($20billion) per day.

(2) 16 supported languages, meaning it has a higher spectrum for global coverage.

(3) Over 335 listed tokens to be traded at a very minimal (0.1%) commission fee.

(4) 24/7 premium customer support service which is interesting for new users on the crypto-space.

(5) Lord Token has modalities for accommodating professional traders and investors with specialty/interest in copying trading and they can operate transparently without any form of commitment.

(6) Lord Token Auto trade programs reference major players involved in algorithmic trading of different shades using automated quantitative analysis & artificial intelligence.

Does Lord Token have what it takes to succeed against all odds?

Strategy exposes the depth of knowledge and experience of every project team and so it’s only natural that the strategy for Lord Token exchange is closely looked into.

The underlying goal of the Lord Token exchange is to conquer the European crypto space & give customers optimal services,

Their strategy will be based on the 3 tripods below:

(1) Corporate headquarters in France:

this is necessary to capture locally based & deliver good customer service to them.

(2) Compliance:

series of consultations are currently ongoing simultaneously with French and European regulatory authorities and they are every possibility that Lord Token would be registered as PSAN in France before deployment.

(3) Services:

The incorporation of social services like social trading & a high-level customer service support mechanism makes it all complete.


Lord token exchange is coming on the hills of earnest yearnings & wishes of crypto enthusiasts within the European continent. However, this doesn’t designate it as a French-based localised exchange because its framework and value propositions give an international appeal.

For the first time, Europe has an exchange that may likely fall into the top 10 exchange position in no time, and even more. Before now most new exchanges are usually beguiled with issues of low liquidity but Lordtoken exchange cooperation with Binance cloud settles that, in other words using lord token exchange gives you the same liquidity access as you would get on Binance.

Surely it is worth a look among the rest of the traditional, mediocre trading service providers?


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