$1.19 Billion in ETH Shoveled by Whales and Top Exchanges as ETH Rises Above $3,600

$1.19 Billion in ETH Shoveled by Whales and Top Exchanges as ETH Rises Above $3,600

Whale Alert Twitter bot that shares details of large crypto transactions has recently tweeted that in the past twenty-four hours, anonymous whales and major crypto trading venues have made over a dozen transactions of Ethereum.

The total amount of Ether shifted in large lumps constitutes an amazing $1.2 billion worth of ETH. In the meantime, Ethereum has risen almost 7 percent from yesterday’s low of $3,427, going above $3,600.

$1.2 billion in Ether shifted by whales

As per the data shared by the WA blockchain tracker, almost twenty large Ethereum transactions have been made recently. These transfers carried from 10,000 ETH (worth approximately $34,641,671) to 30,000 ETH and 58,000 (approx. $201,696,543).

Overall, sixteen transactions were conducted. They were made between both anonymous wallets and anon addresses and crypto exchanges – mostly, Binance, but also FTX.

Ethereum regains $3,600

Over the past four days, the second largest cryptocurrency ETH has been trading in a range, going down to the $3,400 zone and then rising back to $3,500. Today, for the second time, though, Ethereum broke above that price mark, hitting the $3,650 line.

Ethereum whales keep adding coins to their wallets

Recent data shared by the on-chain vendor Santiment shows that large Ethereum holders, known as whales, continue to buy more Ethers.

According to the analytic firm’s tweet, the amount of ETH held by the top 10 non-exchange whale addresses keeps rising, while top 10 non-exchange wallets’ holdings are decreasing.

If the rise in this ratio between whales continues, this will be bullish for Ethereum, Santiment analysts say.


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