AEGIS Launchpad Finally Announces Date for Its Initial DEX Offering

AEGIS Launchpad Finally Announces Date for Its Initial DEX Offering

Launchpads came as a solution to mitigate the problems experienced in the DeFi sector. It’s becoming increasingly challenging for crypto projects to get into the mainstream spotlight. Launchpads act like a liquidity pool for projects. They are designed to assist upcoming projects gain exposure, garner crowdfunds and attract investors from various communities.

Fundraising platform for DeFi projects AEGIS Launchpad has announced a date for its Initial DEX Offering. The new company revealed that it would hold its public sale on October 12, 2021, at 4:00 PM UTC to raise funds to expand its operations and add more product features. This news comes after the company concluded its private sale fund that raised a total of $200,000.

The company will unveil its native token $AEGIS on the day of its IDO launch. According to its team, traders would be able to purchase the token, trade it for our cryptos, and stake the assets. In addition, coin holder’s can participate in upcoming IDOs and vote for different decisions, including deciding the fees, helping to vet DeFi projects, etc. Users can do this regardless of the amount of $AEGIS in their possession.

AEGIS Helps to Break the Conventional Tiered Allocation System

AEGIS is the first launchpad to feature innovative cross-chain functionality and an insurance system, whereby investors’ funds are safeguarded against hacks and theft. The platform ensures that fundraising across BNB, Polygon, Ethereum, etc. is facilitated. It enables DeFi projects to raise enough funds from investors across different crypto communities on the platform.

AEGIS aims to break the traditional tiered allocation system of launchpads, where investors would have to possess a certain amount of tokens to participate in the various events on the platform. Tiered allocation system has been the problem with most launchpads. Regardless of the number of tokens in one’s possession, AEGIS guarantees that investors can participate in activities organized on the platform.

Initial DEX offering Will Properly AEGIS to Greater Heights

One reason many launchpads don’t make it to the mainstream is the lack of proper coin offering. ICOs and STOs are the most popular methods launchpads utilize to gain more traction and realize funds, but IDOs are more preferred due to their decentralized model. Small and emerging platforms are more comfortable with IDOs because they allow for the immediate utilization of funds. Plus, the absence of a central authority means there’s no form of control, unlike ICOs.

IDOs’ permissionless structure enables tokens to get across to the public comfortably. Since AEGIS aims to use the IDO method, DeFi projects hoping to get listed on the platform won’t have to pay any fees. IDOs also offer massive liquidity at almost all price levels to enable project owners to access funds at any time. DeFi projects will be marketed across all chains and won’t be subjected to approval delays.

AEGIS Aims to Revolutionize the DeFi Space

Decentralized Finance is becoming an excellent alternative to its centralized counterparts. In a few years, it’s projected that DeFi will outpace centralized finance. Users love freedom, especially as regards accessing their assets. DeFi enables users to have maximum control over their assets and financial transaction automation while discarding any third party. Users also escape the high transaction fees that they are typically required to pay in CeFi. Launchpads are the product of DeFi.

However, security is a major threat to the DeFi space. Funds have been reported lost. Additionally, secure launchpads are few, and most of them don’t permit multiple chain transactions during IDOs. These are the problems AEGIS has identified and promises to resolve. AEGIS provides a secure arena where fundraising for DeFi can be conducted without being afraid of losing your funds. The company has a solid vetting process that filters out scam projects.

AEGIS has a variety of products on its platform, such as The PAD, Multiple Chain Sales, Multi-Chain Wallet, etc. Users can earn $AEGIS while playing a game and swap their rewards using the swap tool at no cost.