Andrew Yang Promises Pro-Crypto Regulations, Gets Called out For this Reason

Andrew Yang Promises Pro-Crypto Regulations, Gets Called out For this Reason

Yang continues to make headlines with his recent pro-crypto tweets. Former Democratic presidential candidate, Andrew Yang has been in the news as he quit the Democratic Party to make the Forward Party in lieu of breaking free from the traditional two-party, “duopoly”.

Yang kept his headline streak as he announced on Twitter today that the Forward Party will support “reasonable and rational regulation of cryptocurrencies”, opposing the ongoing crypto crackdown by the regulators.

Met with someone today who suggested that @Fwd_Party become the party that stands for reasonable and rational regulation of cryptocurrencies as a huge source of value and innovation. In a word – yes.— Andrew Yang🧢⬆️🇺🇸 (@AndrewYang) October 7, 2021

“Rule of thumb – when faced with a trillion-dollar industry that could define the future try not to screw it up.”, Yang tweeted in the trial.

However, this Crypto positive Politian is facing backlash for not owning any cryptocurrencies himself. Bitcoin advocate, Jameson Lopp tweeted Andrew Yang’s Finance statements, disclosing his empty crypto wallet. The decentralized sphere is on a bullish climb since the beginning of the fourth quarter and according to community sentiment, Yang is determined to use and abuse the bullish trend in his favor.

Financial disclosure.— Jameson Lopp (@lopp) October 7, 2021

The Pro-Crypto Politics

Several politicians have formerly used the ever-evolving and growing crypto in their respective campaigns to gain traction. Last month, the New York mayoral candidate, Curtis Sliwa tweeted that upon winning, he would make sure New York City becomes the most cryptocurrency-friendly city in the nation. Sliwa clarified that his aim is not to merely modernize the economy, rather his focus lays in increasing its approachability.

Furthermore, in the month of August, Lake County Treasurer Holly Kim became the first-ever political candidate in Illinois to accept campaign contributions in crypto. Kim and the election board set up a website to allow the public to make crypto donations. The list doesn’t seem to end just yet, Eric Adams of the Democratic party also promised earlier this year, to make NYC a Bitcoin hub in a year’s span of getting elected. These politicians are getting on with the crypto trend as they realize that the futuristic crypto holds the potential to generate exceptionally positive community sentiments and could carry them into and through a successful tenure.