Idexo Completes Successful IDO, Collects $3.3 Million In Token Sale

Idexo Completes Successful IDO, Collects $3.3 Million In Token Sale

Idexo technology stack has announced the completion of its Token Generation Event (TGE) that took place in September 2021. The generation was completed in stealth mode. Prior to the event, a successful IDO took place, raising close to $800,000. Currently, Idexo's sales stay at $3.35 million collected through both IDO and TGE.

The company has created a convenient technology stack that allows developers and entrepreneurs to create decentralized applications. Investors expressed great interest through both funding events. Through the project's API, users are able to integrate NFTs and marketplaces inside their apps and games by implementing only a couple of lines of code.

Idexo's native token $IDO is designed to incentivize the realization of the previously developed roadmap. The total supply is set at 100 million. A total of 5.5% of the supply will be used to create the initial circulating supply.

In order to create effective tokenomics, IDO's token emission will be set at 1.8-3.5%. By July 2023, close to 60 million are expected to be distributed. The token will be distributed among sale participants.

The project's community is expecting the launch of the General Staking Pool that features $USDT as a reward token launching on Oct. 5. By staking IDO tokens, users will be able to receive USDT as a reward. The size of the reward depends on the number of USDT that the project generates.

Directional Staking Pools will also be available soon. Users will be able to stake, or "bet," a specified roadmap direction and receive USDT as a reward. NFTs will be redistributed among users. Those tokens are designed as keys to various additional features.