WiV Technology Launches Its Native Token, WiVA, to 5 Million Users on BitMart Exchange

WiV Technology Launches Its Native Token, WiVA, to 5 Million Users on BitMart Exchange

WiV technology, the blockchain-based trading platform for unique assets, announces WiVA, its native token will be available on BitMart Exchange, one of the leading digital asset exchanges, starting October 6.

Announced last Friday, WiV technology’s native token, WiVA, is the latest digital asset to be added to the global crypto exchange, BitMart Exchange. According to the announcement, users on BitMart will be able to deposit, buy, and sell WiVA tokens on the exchange starting October 6. The move aims to boost the overall adoption of WiVA tokens – globally appealing to over 5.5 million BitMart users.

Once launched, trading of the inaugural WiVA/USDT pair will be launched on October 5, 2021, at 10 AM EDT. Additional WiVA trading pairs will be added to the platform as demand grows, the statement confirms.

Launched in 2018, WiV Technology was built to enhance security and break barriers of entry in the digital space. The New York-headquartered exchange provides secure and professional crypto trading services to both individual and institutional clients. WiV Technology also leverages blockchains and smart contracts to digitize the fine wine industry.

WiV Technology’s strategy is to decentralize fine wine and make it accessible to everyone using decentralized finance (DeFi). Via its award-winning platform, producers, enthusiasts, and collectors can instantly buy, sell and borrow money using their fine wine. This provides rapid access to finance without the usual extensive bureaucratic processes that are rarely designed to take the nuances of the wine industry into account.

The development team has also built a multi-layer platform, allowing anyone to easily tokenize anything into an NFT. The platform tokenizes assets through NFTs that are 100% wine-backed – each token representing a single wine bottle or a case of wine bottles. So far, WiV is focused on Ethereum blockchain, Polkadot and its Substrate chain, and recently added Polygon.

With the latest listing, WiV will benefit greatly from BitMart’s low fees and simple trading interface allowing more participation in NFTs and fine wine, Håkon Harberg, WiV co-founder said.

“BitMart’s strategy is to keep fees low and keep trading as simple as possible, making it a great partner for WiV as we seek to make it as simple as possible for investors of all kinds to participate in the WiV ecosystem for fine wine trading,” said Håkon Harberg,

WiVA now joins a long list of tradable cryptocurrencies on BitMart including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Polkadot, etc., and gains massive global exposure to over 5 million users. The goal is to “revolutionize the fine wine industry” and “bring liquidity to the market” narrowing the liquidity gap among wine enthusiasts and NFT lovers.

“Our objective is to revolutionize the fine wine sector, bringing liquidity to a market that offers superb rewards but has been so complicated that it has struggled to attract participants,” Håkon Harberg said. “Making $WiVA available through BitMart is a significant step forwards.”

Recently, WiV announced a unique opportunity with the NFT platform, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), allowing BAYC NFT holders to invest and trade in fine wine collections by The Bored Wine Company and earn an NFT in the process.

WiV’s The Boring Wine Company sources and bottles some of the world’s best wines and immortalizes them with a collection of the rarest and exclusive new BAYC NFT pieces.