Anonymous Whale Buys 276 Billion SHIB After Grabbing 6 Trillion Coins on Thursday

Anonymous Whale Buys 276 Billion SHIB After Grabbing 6 Trillion Coins on Thursday

International Business Times has reported that a whale first bought 6 trillion SHIB tokens on Thursday and added 276 billion Shiba Inu today. Other whales are taking large interest in this meme coin as well.

Whale grabs eye-popping amounts of SHIB

According to the article, after purchasing a mind-blowing 6 trillion SHIB on Thursday for $43,838,916, an anonymous crypto whale closed another trade earlier today, buying three more lumps of this Dogecoin rival meme currency: 116 billion, 159 billion and, finally, another billion SHIB.

The person conducted the three transactions with just a few hours between each of them on Saturday. The total amount of SHIB bought today constitutes 276 billion, added to the 6 trillion SHIB bought on Thursday by the same person.

🐳🐳 An SHIB whale just bought 6,178,758,122,373 $SHIB ($43,838,916 USD)Transaction: #ShibArmy #Shiba #SHIBARMY— WhaleStats.eth - tracking the top 1K ETH wallets (@WhaleStats) September 30, 2021

The authors of the article believe that the Thursday purchase pushed SHIB over 7 percent up and gave the coin momentum of 4.39 percent after today’s purchases as well.

However, the whale’s address - 0x7e1aa2e386f02b398da7aad05447c4749d1317c1 – holds zero SHIB, according to whalestats now.

At the time of writing this, the meme cryptocurrency is sitting at 0.00000777.

Whales taking strong interest in Shiba Inu

Crypto whales have grown interested in the Dogecoin rival and laid their hands of massive sums of SHIB earlier this year – in late June, when the coin was added by the eToro platform.

During the last week of July, whales added another big position in SHIB, when the coin was listed by Coinbase Pro and WeBull. When the coin was added by Binance and Coinbase in September and August, more SHIB went into whales’ cold wallets.

Community expects Robin Hood to list SHIB

Now, the SHIB community expects Robinhood app to list this cryptocurrency as well, some SHIB fans are posting daily requests for Shiba Inu to be listed. Besides, a petition on for the listing to be made has been signed by almost 200,000 people.