Enrex Has Completed Its Pre-seed Round in Just Two Days and Are Firmly on a Straight Path to Making Crypto Green!

Enrex Has Completed Its Pre-seed Round in Just Two Days and Are Firmly on a Straight Path to Making Crypto Green!

Well here we are, Enrex’s pre-seed round has ended and it took only a couple of days. Now, the day has come for Enrex to share its token harvest with our faithful fanbase and persistent followers. We are heavily oversubscribed, thus, we need to hasten the private round, which we will be opening immediately!

If you are still new to the Enrex project, do not feel intimidated, we will review all the basic knowledge you need to get started with the Enrex platform. Firstly, Enrex is a market-based platform that provides opportunities to offset carbon emissions for crypto businesses and other financial crypto entities. Enrex tackles only the mandatory carbon markets by providing the linkage between authoritative regulatory bodies, such as governments and end-users who opt to offset their crypto activities. In this instance, Enrex developed a dapp that prescribes a carbon allowance or renewable energy certificate depending on the choice of the offset a user picks.

Furthermore, Enrex has developed a five application approach toward targeting compliant carbon markets, that is: Enrex Exchange, Enrex DEX v2, Enrex Offsetting, Tracking Offsets on the Blockchain and Enrex Environmental API. For further information, please, check out Enrex’s webpage or, for that matter, Enrex White Paper.

All in all, Enrex is an industry-unique phenomenon, because it is the first venture of this sort that is fully committed to making the crypto industry as carbon neutral as possible. This is shown just by looking at our partnership composition. Our partners are:

  • I-REC Standard – a carbon emission attribute tracking system primarily providing security against double-counting within the offset schemes;
  • Greentech Alliance – a uniting endeavour to fight climate change for green technology businesses, venture capitalists, journalists, advisors and entrepreneurs;
  • Greenlight Energy – Access point hub for providing instruments to global renewable energy markets;
  • Crypto Climate Accord – a tent provider for organizations that want to inform, develop, and implement new solutions to accelerate crypto’s transition to renewable energy;
  • SCB Group – a global low carbon commodity firm whose mission is to promote the adoption of low carbon future;
  • Enrex is heavily invested in finding even more partnerships, whether it would be a smaller venture or a bigger plan, all in the name of a brighter, greener and cleaner future.

    Where and how does one join the private round of $ENRX token sale, you may ask? Well, by sending us an e-mail to our address at [email protected], or by browsing our website at https://www.enrex.io/, and finding further information on the project, as well as links to various Enrex content (White Paper, Telegram community group, Medium article site, Twitter/LinkedIn links) there.


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