Making DeFi and Crypto investing more mobile, Frontier announces V2

Making DeFi and Crypto investing more mobile, Frontier announces V2

Mobile-first Crypto and DefI wallet Frontier has announced the launch of its most anticipated V2 mobile application. Per the announcement, Frontier V2 is a culmination of thorough research covering insights from adopters of its earlier version and industry trends. V2 aims to drastically improve the user experience for investors, ensuring that newbies, pro-DeFi as well as institutional-grade investors enjoy a seamless investment experience.

The Frontier team, who have demonstrated mastery at capitalising on industry trends, built V2 from the ground up with striking features, including multiple aggregations of the most active blockchains in DeFi, such as Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, all woven into a single interface.

Anyone looking to make their first investment in Crypto and DeFi can do away with one of the major hurdles; the Fiat-to-Crypto challenge. V2 comes with MoonPay integration enabling investors to fund their crypto or DeFi wallets from their bank accounts or simply using mobile payment infrastructures like Google or Apple Pay.

Staking, lending and swaps on Frontier comes at zero commission. V2 only acts as a secure, non-custodial frontend for anything DeFi or Crypto, aggregating DEXs and lending protocols such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, Aave etc., for investors on a mobile device. Frontier doesn’t make a dime from users’ activity in the app except that users have to pay miners and specific protocol fees they are accessing, but not to Frontier.

To continue to serve the growing needs of investors within the crypto and DeFi landscape in areas such as accessing and tracking their collateralized debt positions, farming across liquidity pools or other portfolio management needs, V2’s interface has been designed to work seamlessly with Wallet Connect. Frontier effectively aggregates all the top wallets like Trust, Metamask, Argent, ImToken, Rainbow etc., and serves them from a single interface. Hence DeFi and Crypto investors don’t have to compromise on the preferred wallet choice. They can simply connect to their old wallet(s) using Wallet Connect or manage multiple wallets from the Frontier app engendering better user experience.

V2 also comes with an in-app secured, privacy-centric browser giving users unfettered access to top NFT marketplace like Opensea or the explosive blockchain game like Axie Infinity. Beyond accessing these NFT infrastructures, V2 also serves as a secure, non-custodial wallet to store NFTs and other digital collectibles while still enjoying the flexibility of staking or lending them on native protocols, some of which are already integrated with the Frontier app.

The Frontier team is already moving full-throttle to go “headless”, as it hinted recently in one of its Telegram announcements. After successfully burning off its team’s token allocation (a total of 17.5 million USD in FRONT).

By transition to a complete DAO and activating governance for the Frontier protocol, its mission of becoming the go-to mobile interface for anything financial investing will start running on auto-pilot and become fully community-driven. Other complementary activities such as marketing to help with more visibility not just with crypto nativsa but also the broader financial landscape, is also in the works.

DeFi has already shown the world how revolutionary and fast-paced it can be, stacking up more than $160 billion at some point across different smart contract protocols offering their respective open finance products; Frontier looks primed to play its role of making DeFi and crypto investing go more mainstream. Investors looking to have a taste of the new Frontier can join their waitlist.