Tokkea Is Building A Crypto Ecosystem To Break Down Entry Barriers For Users

Tokkea Is Building A Crypto Ecosystem To Break Down Entry Barriers For Users

As crypto continues its steady way into the mainstream, crypto platforms like Tokkea are building entire ecosystems where experts and beginners can trade and invest in digital assets in the most secure way and with the lowest possible risk. Their solution? A set of fintech services united into a single ecosystem with an internal token, an exchange, and a copy trading platform.

Users are the beating heart of cryptocurrencies. They have made the skyrocketing growth of Bitcoin and other cryptos in the last decade possible, turning it into one of the most promising financial services. And yet, it hasn’t reached widespread adoption. Misinformation, financial literacy, and security are barriers that many potential users are met with. Exchanges worldwide are working hard to bring all the crypto-based solutions to more and more people, often coming up with innovative ideas to make sure that trading with crypto is seen as reliable and secure while mitigating potential risks.

For example, Tokkea is building an entire ecosystem based on improved security and customer service. Each of the services has its own unit economy, which makes it possible to diversify risks and obtain sustainable returns for community members.

An Entire Ecosystem

Tokkea is launching the first two products that will be part of their ecosystem: a crypto exchange, with extra layers of security, and a copy trading platform, where traders, whether beginners or experienced, can try out new strategies to see how they will eventually perform in the market. The idea is to support newcomers entering the crypto space while enhancing the experience of seasoned traders.

Launched in June 2021, Tokkea plans to further develop its ecosystem to cover the key needs of the community. In summary, Tokkea’s ecosystem is a complex multi-module system that combines the most popular crypto trading solutions for community development and education. At the moment, Tokkea is collecting funds for the implementation and launch of this project.

The team is building the ecosystem with their focus aimed towards a flawless user interface, unique community support, being active in educating its community on how to use simple income sources on crypto marketplaces, and professional customer service; customer focus and diversification, to help reduce the risk of a sharp drop in the price of the token.

“Tokkea’s Ecosystem is designed to make the use of crypto products easier and more intuitive from beginners to pros. Tokkea’s Ecosystem also positions itself as a system that will cover all the basic needs for crypto fintech. Our main advantages are: easy trading, security, high transaction speed, stable, open and transparent ecosystem,” mentioned the company about their core values.

The platform is tokenized and now Tokkea is deploying its own digital tokens – TKA & ETKA. TKA is a community ROM ( Rise Only Market aka the token which is always growing in price) token that is used by first community members in copy trading platforms. ETKA is the token of the whole Tokkea ecosystem which is used to operate the ecosystem, pay commission fees, participate in management, and reward liquidity providers on decentralized platforms.

Building a crypto ecosystem: The crypto exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform for trading and exchanging one digital currency for another, A crypto digital exchange is an online platform that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency.

Tokkea offers payments for services in TKA and ETKA on more favorable terms than paying with fiat. Users receive a discount on exchange services if they hold a certain number of tokens in their account, a reward in ETKA tokens for performing useful actions for the ecosystem, and unique types of services that are available only using TKA & ETKA tokens. To name a few: Airdrops, private Token sales, etc.

Getting Started In the Crypto Market: A Copy Trading Platform

Copy trading allows individuals to automatically or manually copy another trader’s positions when they are opened or closed.

And that is precisely what Tokkea is creating. Within their crypto ecosystem, they have built a copy trading platform.

This copy trading platform is an automatic copy trading service that will guide users in the world of investing and trading in the cryptocurrency market. Their copy trading platform focuses on users and successful traders and seeks to generate mutual benefit for them.

“Our copy-trading platform is one of the main ways to take advantage of the expert knowledge of other traders. Copying the strategies of another trader allows the community to potentially capitalize on the skills of a specialist in this area. We wanted to create the perfect place for experienced traders to deliver strategies and for beginners to learn from those strategies ” the company said.

Learning from the experts

The way they have built this copy trading platform is based on giving advantages for beginners all the while experienced traders can help them understand and master successful trading strategies.

Users will have the ability to compose portfolios from different strategies, according to different levels of risk for different types of trading: spot, margin, futures. “If you want to go with small profitability – choose this strategy. If you want to take risks and go with leverage, there will be adequate strategies,” commented a Tokkea representative.

They will have the ability to manage risks within the entire portfolio, regardless of how many traders they are subscribed to. The money is kept in the user’s account on exchanges, integrated with Tokkea but not on the platform, as a means for extra security. Likewise, traders’ work is monitored and an automated anti-fraud system means that they cannot change their shoes on the go, in other terms, change their strategy and lead users on.

A copy trading platform also means that the openness of the traders’ strategies is an opportunity for the users to see where money is invested. This is what distinguishes a professional trader from a scammer.

On the experienced traders’ side, Tokkea wants to implement an attractive model so that they can generate income by doing what they do every day. For them, the Copy trading platform is a tool for trading monetization. They want to make it so that users will be able to trade as they would have on the crypto exchanges.

In the same way, traders can activate their own community and use the platform as a tool to monetize their followers on social media. Furthermore, a trader can make money through donations from subscribers based on their trading performance.

And Tokkea wanted to set something in stone: “We are not a broker, we don’t take users’ money into management and we do not charge subscribers’ gains. People connect their deposits directly from exchanges.”

For Tokkea, a copy trading platform is, thus, a solution for beginners to get started in the complex world of crypto trading and for traders – an additional stream of revenue and community. This doesn’t mean all the challenges users face will suddenly disappear, but it is the beginning to better understand all its complexities.

The Evolution of Crypto Platforms

Tokkea is the latest innovative iteration in a whole new wave of digital exchanges trying to catch up with investor trends and move towards mass adoption.

CoinMarketCap‘s top-5 exchange Kraken, one of the biggest in the world by traffic, liquidity, trading volumes, and confidence in the legitimacy of trading volumes reported, is focusing on providing the best customer service in the sector and has also added a dark pool for discreet trading, which is another reason it’s so hugely popular.

Others rely on their reputation, like Coinbase and Binance. The former went public and was listed in Nasdaq a few months ago, becoming the first-ever crypto exchange to close that “trust” gap. On the other hand, Binance is a worldwide institution and recognized as the best crypto exchange by most online lists for its trade volume, number of users, and listing pairs.

Those efforts are having an impact on users, and not only on the so-called crypto natives but also on how the general public perceives cryptocurrencies. Although there are still ways to go to make crypto mainstream.

Breaking Down Barriers In The Crypto Market

A thoughtful survey carried by Binance divided crypto users into two categories: crypto natives and general crypto users. 87% of the approximate 200 million total users fall into the latter category, with 60% of them trading, investing, and storing their cryptos in digital exchanges.

In fact, and according to the aforementioned survey, most crypto users value security (28%), followed by UI/UX (28%) and available trading pairs (23%) when choosing a given exchange to start trading with.

As expert journalist Edwin Hughes wrote recently: “For crypto traders to get past these challenges, it is important to build a strong knowledge base around crypto and empower traders with as many tools and techniques as possible, which should be easy-to-use and less intimidating for the average crypto trader, as well as the presence of a globally accessible, low-cost cryptocurrency platform that provides a safe haven for crypto holders and diversification to fiat holders.”

In a world where 87% are considered general users, copying the best positions and trading strategies seem a fairly good way to get started in this complex market. For this, the solution that seems to solve – at least virtually – all those challenges is the implementation of a copy trading platform.