Bit2Me Raises $23.9M in Minutes Securing the Future of Spain’s Fastest Growing Exchange

Bit2Me Raises $23.9M in Minutes Securing the Future of Spain’s Fastest Growing Exchange

Bit2Me, Spain’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has raised $20.9 million (20M EUR) following record-breaking public token sales involving its newly-launched Ethereum-based token, B2M. The amount was raised in three separate rounds, each of which saw sub-minute sellouts, as well as a result of interest from private networks and partners. Indeed, as token sales go, B2M is a contender for both the quickest exchange-token sale, and for the largest amount raised in under a minute.

Speaking about the token sales’ success, board advisor, Koh Onozawa, had this to say:

“The success of the 3 phases of our ICO in yet another sub-minute sellout just shows how committed our community is to the success of the project. We’re excited to see what the future brings and onward, what impact and change on the cryptocurrency industry and beyond Bit2Me will bring with its global expansion.”

He went on to add:

“These sub-minute sellouts come after 6 years of hard work and community building, having bootstrapped our way from 0 to the largest crypto company in the region.”

Moreover, the wider Bit2Me team is optimistic this momentum will continue to build through to November 1st, the date that B2M goes live on Bit2me’s own cryptocurrency exchange and other exchanges.

A New Approach to Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bit2Me has introduced several new services to its exchange platform, including an Over-The-Counter (OTC) service for higher volume investors, a second layer P2P payment method for all of their cryptocurrencies, and even an Android and iOS application so its users can access the platform on the go. However, to set it apart from other similar offerings in the cryptocurrency market, Bit2Me has also been focussed on supplementary services, such as its TV station – Bit2Me TV – Bit2Me News, Bit2Me Agenda, and Bit2Me Academy, all aimed at stewarding new and existing cryptocurrency investors through the complex and fast-moving cryptocurrency market.

All of this is powered by the newly-launched B2M, which will offer holders exclusive and discounted access to these services, as well as an opportunity to earn income from lending other crypto-assets to the Bit2Me ecosystem.

Leveraging Talent to Build a Better Future

None of these feats could have been possible without the support, expertise and experience of an ever-expanding global team. With over 100 people, including entrepreneurs, researchers, traders, lawyers and engineers, Bit2Me has managed to grow from a small Spanish-based startup, to a global cryptocurrency exchange operating in all major time zones.

Not only does its human capital reflect in Bit2me’s expansive product offering, but it is also serving to attract talented operators from the world’s largest companies. In August 2021, the cryptocurrency exchange announced that Mastercard’s former international president, Baldomero Falcones, joined Bit2Me Card as a senior advisor. According to the announcement, Falcones will be responsible for growing the ambitious card division, leveraging his experience at both Mastercard and Banco Santander, one of Spain’s largest banks.

Speaking about his decision to join Bit2Me, Falcones said:

“Innovation is the engine of growth for companies, investors and countries, and innovation is in Bit2Me’s DNA. It is essential for progress. It is the factor that convinced me to join this exciting project led by Leif [Bit2Me CEO] and Andrei [Bit2Me COO].”

Bit2Me is Taking on the giants

Indeed, Bit2Me is following in the footsteps of some of the largest exchanges in the world when it comes to its talent acquisition. Earlier this year, the world’s largest exchange, Binance, announced the hiring of the former head of the United States Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Brian Brooks to its United States (US) affiliate to help the exchange navigate the US’s regulatory landscape.

The world’s second-largest exchange, Coinbase also looked to bring experience into its internal operations, hiring former Facebook executive, Kate Rouch as its new Chief Marketing Officer.

Combined with both the success of B2M’s launch and the ever-developing suite of products and services offered by Bit2Me, Spain’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is well-positioned to take on these cryptocurrency exchange giants and achieve its core mission of liberalizing the financial industry for the masses.


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