Songbird’s Delegators Received First SGB Rewards

Songbird’s Delegators Received First SGB Rewards

Several Flare Time Series Oracles (FTSOs) announced that the procedure of Songbird (SGB) transaction validation went live earlier today.

First "rewards epoch" for Songbird takes place

FTSO.EU, one of the first delegating services for Flare (FLR) and its "canary network," Songbird (SGB), has announced that SGB holders have received their first rewards.

Welcome to the 1st rewards epoch #SongbirdNetwork 🙌Working hard here to improve Epoch2199 network, testing all night long…Sorry for our sleepy faces, but we are here guys! #sgb #xrp😴💤😴💤😴💤— (@ftso_eu) September 25, 2021

This is a crucial milestone in the progress of the Songbird (SGB) network, designed for stress tests of economical designs for Flare (FLR).

Similar announcements were also released by a number of FTSO.EU's competitors, including Scandinodes:

We are up and running! The epoch has started! Congrats all SGB hodlers!— ScandiNodes FTSO (@scandinodesFTSO) September 25, 2021

Australian validating service FTSO.AU recalled that all customers should allow smart contracts execution in their hardware wallets to be eligible for rewards:

If you're having trouble with your Ledger, make sure you've allowed smart contracts.

All eyes on Flare (FLR)

Songbird's consensus is up and running. The system will soon leave the "observation mode" it has used since mainnet release.

Starting from Sept. 27, 2021, delegators will be able to trade their SGB rewards on Bitrue's XRP-centric exchange.

Thus, the road is open for the mainnet release of Flare (FLR), a much-anticipated EVM-compatible smart contracts platform.