Digital artist Pplpleasr explains the meaning of Fortune's DeFi cover and the future of NFTs

Digital artist Pplpleasr explains the meaning of Fortune's DeFi cover and the future of NFTs

Digital artist Pplpleasr believes that the production and dissemination of art represent just the first phase of NFT technology adoption.

This week on The Scoop, PplPleasr joined host Frank Chaparro to break down how she created Fortune Magazine's DeFi cover and the role of NFTs in Web3 and the broader art space.

Earlier this year, Pplpleasr was commissioned by Fortune to create its first NFT cover. That cover image is a tribute to the NFT community, featuring a number of different well-known avatars. The cover's depiction represents a stark contrast to the often gloomy imagery one typically associates with Wall Street, juxtaposed instead with the colorful, dynamic universe of the online crypto community.

Pplpleasr remarked:

"The Fortune magazine was something that I think is a special moment for all of us because it sort of represents one of these pivotal moments of traditional media representing the entire community."

Still, PplPleasr admits that it's early days for NFT's and platforms on which they can trade — they're are often clunky and have complicated user interfaces.

"The technology doesn't even exist yet for us to trade, let's say, assets between different games," said Pplpleasr. "Like, if I wanted to trade an asset from a Riot game to a Blizzard game, that just is not possible. But I do obviously imagine a future with NFT's where that is possible."

Today, Pplpleasr sees an opportunity to unlock the power of NFT's in her own way by making it easier for women and people outside the art world to launch their own careers.

She recently announced a partnership with the Grammy-nominated musician Steve Aoki to create NFT artworks to be offered at auction at Sotheby's. A portion of the auction proceeds will go to support the careers of women NFT artists.

This new interview with Pplpleasr also touches on:

  • How NFTs make it easier for women and others outside the art world to launch careers
  • How "art" and "NFT art" are actually different
  • Why Web3 and NFTs are not (yet) ready for widespread adoption
  • The role of traditional art in an NFT-empowered world.
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