CENNZnet Celebrates Hackathon with Gitcoin

CENNZnet Celebrates Hackathon with Gitcoin

Auckland, NZ, September 20, 2021 – CENNZnet, the world’s only native, permissionless, user-first blockchain, continues to celebrate a three-week hackathon in partnership with Gitcoin. The competition started on September 8th and will continue until the 29th, giving developers and artists a chance to dive deep into CENNZnet’s Dapp platform.

During the event, developers and creators will compete for one of three separate prizes. First is a prize pool of USD $8,500 for building the best app on CENNZnet’s newly-launched NFT module. The second pool is USD $3,500 for expanding CENNZnet’s browser extension. Finally, the team is rewarding the best generative NFT artists from a prize pool of USD $3,000. More details were shared by the team.

CENNZnet CEO Nicole Upchurch says;

“We love hosting hackathons because they’re usually a great way to foster innovative ideas. They also help new teams get familiar with how easy it is to build them on our platform. Our previous competitions have been incredibly informative and productive for everyone involved. We’re sure this one won’t be the exception.”

The Dapp platform developed by CENNZnet has become a sought-after solution for teams who seek an easy way to launch projects. It empowers developers with ready-made solutions such as plug-and-play runtime modules, point-and-click NFTs, a doughnut protocol, and a dual token economy. Besides the hackathon, a series of workshops designed to help attendees land on an idea and get started on CENNZnet will be announced soon on the project’s official Twitter account.

About CENNZnet

CENNZnet is a public blockchain and Decentralised Application platform that puts great user experience first and is part of the Centrality ecosystem. It supplies startups with the tools and resources that they will need to build a blockchain DApp including wallet, identity, exchange, messaging.