Gluwa Wallet and Aella Credit Collaboration Sees Over 1 Million Transactions on the Blockchain

Gluwa Wallet and Aella Credit Collaboration Sees Over 1 Million Transactions on the Blockchain

Recently the Gluwa wallet got integrated into the Aella consumer credit application. The collaboration event recorded more than 1 million transactions over the blockchain across Africa. The Luniverse sidechain now holds transactions records for the 2 million Aella app users living in the African region. Gluwa is a San Francisco-based financial platform that utilizes both decentralized infrastructure and global investment opportunities so that its clients can manage financial aspects.

Gluwa platform has its own erc-20 token dubbed as Gluwacoin. Gluwacoin is pegged with 1:1 with fiat currencies.

Gluwa first joined hands with a unique kind of lending platform for the unbanked individuals within emerging markets called Aella four years ago but the integration between them was realized just recently. It took Gluwa almost three months to record a million blockchain transactions according to reports. The founder and CEO of Gluwa Tae Oh stated that reaching this milestone within such a short time is no less than an achievement in itself.

Tae Oh also mentioned that

“the partnership highlights the broad benefits of an API integration allowing all transactions to be processed through the Aella application.”

Aella’s CEO, Akin Jones also gave a statement on the mutual wallet integration. Jones said

“our company is committed to improving financial inclusion for people who live in the world’s developing markets. Partnering with Gluwa has made our application ire transparent and efficient. We hope for this integration to work for years to come.”

Luniverse Sidechain also holds investments and remittances primarily available on the Aella Wallet. Approximately, 28 million blocks were produced within the last three months through Gluwa and Aella partnership.

According to the latest release notes of the non-custodial wallet, Gluwa, their team of expert developers has been working tirelessly to improve performance, removing backend bugs, and other fixes. Gluwa has also improved its transaction signature validation process in the month of September.

About Gluwa wallet:

Gluwa is a non-custodial wallet headquartered in San Francisco that deals with valued currency, credit, or investment opportunities free from national boundaries. The company comprises global executives working remotely from countries like Canada, South Korea, the USA, and others. As of now, the Gluwa wallet boasts more than 2 million users worldwide who utilize its crypto wallet, exchange, high-yield bond account, and other investment product offerings.

About Aella Credit:

The Aella app is a unique kind of consumer credit app that was created to enable the unbanked and underbanked individuals living across the globe specifically in emerging markets. According to the fintech company representatives, their easy-to-use app makes it easy for people to acquire financial help through loans, insurance, and other helpful financial services.