Charles Hoskinson Says He Can’t Confirm Any Upcoming Partnership of Cardano with Amazon

Charles Hoskinson Says He Can’t Confirm Any Upcoming Partnership of Cardano with Amazon

CEO of Input Output Global and founder of the Cardano blockchain platform Charles Hoskinson has commented on the Twitter poll, responding the question whether the Amazon giant plans to ink a partnership with Cardano.

Hoskinson cannot confirm or deny any upcoming partnership

The poll was started four days ago by a Cardano fan with 31.7k followers - Pieter Nierop. The poll asks the community about any potential or real partnership between Amazon and the largest Proof-of-Stake blockchain Cardano that may happen in the near future.

3,949 people have taken part in the voting process - 67.9% expect this partnership to occur but 32.1% believe it will not happen.

Charles Hoskinson’s comment under the poll says that if such a partnership will happen, he is not aware of it.

Not to my knowledge either— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) September 22, 2021

Amazon denies news of reading to accept Bitcoin, ADA but does seek crypto expert to hire

One of the major catalysts for the growth of the Bitcoin price and exchange rates of other coins in the crypto market was the rumor that the retail e-commerce giant Amazon was getting ready to start accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Cardano’s ADA later this year.

This took place on July 25 and this news, that came from an anonymous insider, pushed Bitcoin from the $33,800 area towards the $40,000 zone.

However, the following day, Amazon dispelled this allegation. However, the company did put up a job posting, saying that it seeks a digital currency and blockchain product lead.

The positing says:

“The Payments Acceptance & Experience team is seeking an experienced product leader to develop Amazon’s Digital Currency and Blockchain strategy and product roadmap.”