Whale Grabs 321 Bitcoins, While BTC Is Dropping, Holds 111,794 BTC in Total

Whale Grabs 321 Bitcoins, While BTC Is Dropping, Holds 111,794 BTC in Total

Data provided by bitinfocharts shows that the third largest cryptocurrency whale has added another 321 Bitcoins to their BTC holdings.

The total balance of the BTC wallet of the whale (1P5ZEDWTKTFGxQjZphgWPQUpe554WKDfHQ) now constitutes a mind-blowing 111,794.59 Bitcoins - $4.75 billion in a fiat equivalent.

Whale buys $13,5 million in BTC on the dip

The anonymous whale has purchased a massive BTC lump at an average price of $41,673, now holding almost $5 billion worth of Bitcoin on his crypto address.

Further data from the BTC analytics website shows that the amount of BTC the wallet is holding now (111,794.59 BTC) totals 0.5939% of the whole Bitcoin supply. The wallet has seen 446 incoming transactions and 54 outcoming ones.

Besides, the wallet contains $2,527,773,751 of unrealized profit.

Small BTC holders own 13.9% of BTC supply

According to the recent tweet by the popular on-chain data vendor Glassnode, wallets of smaller Bitcoin holders together own 14x more than the aforementioned crypto whale. They continue stacking up on the leading crypto when it suffers substantial price corrections.

Using data provided by the crypto analyst Willy Woo, Glassnode has tweeted that Bitcoin addresses with less than 10 BTC on balances. They have been accumulating Bitcoin faster than before since the “digital gold” got kicked back from its new all-time high of $64,863 in mid-April.

At the moment, these small holders own almost 14 percent of the Bitcoin supply collectively.

As appears to be tradition, smaller #Bitcoin HODLers can often be found stacking $BTC after significant corrections.The minnows @woonomic refers to, with < 10 $BTC, have accelerated their accumulation since the sell-off in mid-May.They now hold a collective 13.9% of supply. pic.twitter.com/Ap7X5FdE92— glassnode (@glassnode) September 22, 2021

Bitcoin is still up for $100,000 this year: Bloomberg’s top strategist

Mike McGlone, the chief commodity strategist at Bloomberg, has recently stated that despite the massive correction caused by the financial troubles of the second largest housing constructor in China, Evergrande Group, Bitcoin may still reach the $100,000 level by the end of this year.

McGlone said that he had underestimated how many investors (including institutional ones) have been moving their funds from the traditional safe heaven – gold – into Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Since gold offers a potentially unlimited supply and Bitcoin can only exist in 21 million coins (over 18 million have been mined already), Bitcoin still attracts more and more investors who used to bet on gold.

According to McGlone, this year gold is down seven percent, Bitcoin is up almost seventy percent and Ethereum has risen nearly 400 percent.