What is this ‘small,’ but ‘loud’ Bitcoin subculture some call ‘toxic’

What is this ‘small,’ but ‘loud’ Bitcoin subculture some call ‘toxic’

Developer and blockchain researcher Udi Wertheimer is the latest to wade into this pitched battle. This time, he took aim at “toxic” Bitcoin maximalists by commenting,

we need to kick the toxic maxis out good morning— udiverse (@udiWertheimer) September 20, 2021

Diving into maximalism

“However, there’s also like the subculture of maximalism that seems to believe that, you know, if anyone else is interested in anything else that’s not Bitcoin, then they’re a scammer and they need to be told they’re a scammer.”

Finding nuance in Ethereum

“…If you’re going to call everything a scam, you’re just going to have a very hard time to get people to see your side.”

Bitcoin maximalists v. NFTs

“…I think Bitcoin can be something that, you know, every human on Earth has a certain amount of their portfolio in Bitcoin. I think [this] is where Bitcoin should be going. And I think we can get there. We need to do a good job of explaining why.”

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