Ariva Digital: Where Crypto Meets the Real World

Ariva Digital: Where Crypto Meets the Real World

Crypto has penetrated almost every faction of life today. This may not be evident in day-to-day life, but industries have been making the push to integrate cryptocurrencies into the services that they offer. Leading to the integration of blockchain technology with already existing technologies. An example of this is in the payments processing industry, where companies like Visa and Mastercard are taking big leaps to make sure that their platforms are compatible with crypto payments.

While all of this is going on, one industry that has been lacking remains the travel industry. There is no doubt that crypto does make travel easier. The ease of carrying and using digital currencies cannot be overestimated, especially when it pertains to traveling between countries where bank cards may have issues operating. But one part of travel that has not been addressed in relation to crypto is booking. This is where Ariva comes in.

Ariva offers a range of products in relation to its offerings in the tourism sector. All of these products are aimed towards providing users the most convenient travel experience around the globe. These include products that aid users to pay seamlessly for their travel needs, all the way to providing users valuable information regarding their travel destination.

Taking The Tourism World By Storm

Ariva is launching Ariva. World, the world’s “first global travel & tourism platform integrated with cryptocurrency.” Ariva is structured in a way that it will work all around the world. Its network connects travelers with the needed products and services required to make travel easy. And ensures that travelers can pay for these products and services using their cryptocurrencies.

These products and services include bookings like hotel reservations with crypto, connecting travelers to both local and global tourism providers using reviews from other travelers, and also earn money back in the form of crypto for making reservations and also sharing their experiences with the broader Ariva network on Ariva.Club.

Ariva’s innovation will completely change the way the tourism system operates. The ease of using cryptocurrencies to pay for travel expenses will make trade between locals and foreigners easier. All the while facilitating fast and hassle-free transactions both on a global and local scale.

Ariva is a blockchain that is tailored towards a new age of payments. Its sole intent is to make payments with crypto seamless no matter where they are in the world. With Ariva, users will be able to pay for all travel expenses without the need for a bank card.

Better Ways To Pay

Ariva.Finance is a mode of payment that is based entirely on blockchain technology. This will help both buyers and sellers to minimize the fees they pay when making purchases online for products.

Users of Ariva.Finance can easily get set up in minutes using either the website or the mobile app. Crypto wallets will be provided to users where they can store their cryptocurrencies. With time, Ariva intends to add more wallets and cryptos to its offering. And lastly, paying with crypto has never been more seamless than using Ariva. Transactions arrive in seconds and for maximum security, transfers are made by scanning QR codes displayed on the screen.

Ariva (ARV) Token

The way the project ties all together is through Ariva’s native token ARV. ARV is a BEP-20 token created and operated on the Binance Smart Chain. Payments for the services offered by Ariva will be facilitated through its token, which users can convert their fiat currency into to pay for the services.

The token has a total supply of 100,000,000,000 and is currently trading on major exchanges like, PancakeSwap, and Probit at $0.0000311, up 1.13% in the last 24 hours.

The Ariva Mission

The Ariva blockchain will work in the same way the current credit and POS system works. But it will completely replace the need for these services. It will also remove the need of carrying a physical card around, allowing users to pay anywhere with just their mobile phones, also eliminating the risk of things like credit card theft that could lead a tourist stranded in an unknown destination.

The project wants to completely eliminate overly expensive fees placed on international money transfers, which can be a hassle to travelers. It will also drastically reduce transaction times to mere seconds, compared to traditional money transfer systems that could take up to three days. With Ariva, difficulty of transactions will be a thing of the past, as will cash and debit or credit cards. To learn more about Ariva and its product offerings, visit its website at