Satoshi Nakamoto Statue Unveiled in Hungary

Satoshi Nakamoto Statue Unveiled in Hungary

The world’s first physical statue of pseudonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto was presented earlier today to a crowd of people in Budapest, Hungary.

HUGE crowd at the unveiling of #StatueOfSatoshi— Barnabas Debreczeni (@keo) September 16, 2021

The life-size bronze monument shows a person wearing a hoodie. The choice of the clothing item, which features the Bitcoin logo on its left side, was meant to highlight Satoshi’s anonymity. The statue’s expressionless face has a mirror-like reflective surface because of gilded aluminum. By allowing people to see their own reflection, it aims to put the “We are all Satoshi” message across.

The statue was the idea of cryptocurrency journalist András Györfi. In an interview with Hungary Today, he opined that the real identity of the Bitcoin creator was of no importance.The Satoshi monument has been erected in Graphisoft Park, which hosts such tech giants as SAP, Canon and Microsoft.The technology park also features the statue of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.Back in 2018, a virtual Satoshi Nakamoto monument was also presented in Kyiv, Ukraine.